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This section introduces Groupmax-related reports and data which were published in various media. You can also read about Groupmax-related comments that appeared in various newspapers and magazines.
May 18, 1999
Groupmax Enterprise Version 5 with extended workflow facility is now on the market.
- Conforms to the WfMC Interoperability (Interface 4) standard set by WfMC (the Workflow Management Coalition) -

November 6, 1998
Hitachi Starts Cyberoffice, the Front Office Solution Business
- Improving customer satisfaction by supporting marketing, sales and services that respond to customer needs -

September 4, 1998
Hitachi Licenses its Groupmax Workflow Technology to South Korea's Samsung Company

June 23, 1998
Strengthening the Workflow Facility for the Integrated Groupware System, Groupmax
- Enhancint the environment for Web browsers and providing the intranet workflow system -

December 16, 1997
Hitachi and Netscape to collaborate on intranets and extranets solutions based on LDAP
- Hitachi licenses Netscape Directory Server 3.0 source code to deliver International Directory Support in Hitachi software products using LDAP Version 3 -

November 6, 1997
Hitachi to Introduce New Integrated Groupware with Improved Intranet Capabilities
- The groupware fully utilizes Java and ActiveX technologies, and enables Web browsers to be used for the sole effective user-interface -

January 24, 1997
Hitachi Enriched the Facilities of the Integrated Groupware System, Groupmax Version 2
- Groupmax Version 2 is the first software product in its field to apply Java, so that you can operate a workflow using only a Web browser -

June 6, 1996
Hitachi Offers the Integrated Groupware System, Groupmax Version2.0 for Use in intranets

August 30, 1995
Hitachi Enhances the Integrated Groupware System, Groupmax, for Multimedia Support and for Use Via the Internet

December 19, 1994
Hitachi Offers Software Packages to Improve Office Work Productivity; Introducing Groupware and Workflow Systems

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