Hitachi Starts Cyberoffice, the Front Office Solution Business
- Improving customer satisfaction by supporting marketing, sales and services that respond to customer needs -
(This is a translation of the Japanese press release.)

November 6, 1998

Hitachi has systemized front office businesses such as marketing, sales, and customer services to enable companies to achieve one-to-one marketing and cost-effective management in today's extremely competitive marketing environment. This system, called Cyberoffice, includes software and services. General shipment is slated for November 9, 1998.

Many companies have developed their own information systems by improving work efficiency in the back office, in areas such as sales, production, inventory and personnel management. Recently, changes in the industry structure caused by the financial "big bang" and by deregulation have increased market competition and have affected consumers' life styles. In the resulting intense competition, companies are forced to change their business environment to survive and still remain competitive. To be successful, in addition to optimizing work efficiency, minimizing production costs, and differentiating products with added value, they need to utilize the customer information they have accumulated to provide customized marketing, sales and services to individual customers.
Therefore, what they expect from a front office system are various communication services, such as Web access, e-mail, telephone and fax systems, that do not restrict the time and place of a business discussion. Also, it is important-if not crucial-to construct a database for sales that links information in the back office system with information in the front office system among enterprises for one-to-one marketing.

Hitachi's Cyberoffice is based on network technology that includes the Internet, mobile computing and computer telephony integration (CTI). This contains the software for constructing a customized front office system for each customer from the company's point of view and for corresponding services.
Cyberoffice consists of the following solutions:

Moreover, Cyberoffice provides an environment that can seamlessly integrate the following products.
Therefore, Cyberoffice enables you to construct a highly extensible, reliable and open enterprise system by easing the linkage of business processes in the front office and with the back office system.

On the one hand, Hitachi provides solutions covering from system planning (including consultation), installation, up to management by cooperating with other companies. For example, Hitachi has formed an alliance with successful consulting companies in the front office field, such as Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and Nihonbashi Soken. Hitachi has also started working with Trans Cosmos, Inc. to provide services, and with Aurum Software Inc. to develop integrated products.

On the other hand, Hitachi plans to apply the front office system to a mobile computing environment by developing Cyberoffice that will run on packaged mobile computers. Also, Hitachi is to expand the front office business by providing solutions required for financial and distribution companies as well as manufacturing concerns. To do so, Hitachi will form a new group within its Information Systems Division called the Cyberoffice Support Center comprising about 50 staff members.

Hitachi's Cyberoffice will be exhibited at COM JAPAN 1998 held from November 10 to November 13, at Tokyo Big Site.

Sales objectives:

A total of 300 billion Japanese yen with a 30% share of the market in front office related business (in the next three years).

Available services, price and date of shipment:

1. Planning to introduce SFA
Available from the end of November, 1998, this service helps to analyze and design the upstream operations such as reforming business processes.
2. SFA technical support
Available from the end of December, 1998, this service helps to develop linkages between AurumFrontOffice and other systems and to support training courses for advanced customization.
3. AurumFrontOffice
AurumFrontOffice is a suite of applications for sales, marketing and customer services, and consists of five components.

Product nameEnvironmentPriceDate of shipment
ClientFrom 4.35 million yen * for a 1-server and 10-client systemEnd of December, 1998
AurumSales- Windows 95
- Windows 98
- Windows NT Workstation 4.0
AurumDBSync Client
AurumExtensionsfor Microsoft Outlook
AurumServer- Windows NT Server 4.0
- HP-UX 10.20
Environment for development
AurumActiveWorkbench- Windows 95
- Windows 98
- Windows NT Workstation 4.0

*Available at reduced prices during the sales campaign for AurumFontOffice.

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