Groupmax Enterprise Version 5 will be on the market 
(This is a transration of the Japanese press release.) 

The first product to follow Workflow Management Coalition standards enters market
The Information and Telecommunication Systems division of Hitachi Ltd., (co-president and CEO Toshihiko Kodaka) has introduced the Groupmax Enterprise Version 5 integrated groupware which enables you to construct a very large-scale enterprise workflow system among companies. It also provides solutions to constructing an enterprise workflow system linked with platform systems, such as SFA (Sales Force Automation), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) since May 20th, 1999. This product has improved system reliability, it offers new functions such as simpler customization, and furthermore, it conforms to the standard WfMC Interoperability (Interface 4) regulated by WfMC (or the Workflow Management Coalition).

Recently many companies have been trying to improve productivity, efficiency in business management, and the practical use of information resources by linkage applications, such as SFA, ERP and SCM, with existing platform systems and communication sytems using groupware. In these circumstances, linkage with multiple systems by applying workflow techniques within companies and between companies has been attracting a great deal of attention. Workflow solutions are growing in importance.

Groupmax was first shipped in 1993 as a tools for advancing Japanese-style BPR (that is, Business Process Reengineering). Since then, plenty of the functions for system construction, such as Workflow, have been applied and evaluated in more than 1,800 companies who have introduced Groupmax. Response has been highly favorable.
For expanding workflow systems, Groupmax Enterprise Version 5 adds the Groupmax Workflow connecting function so that multiple workflows can actualize company-wide information linkage, linkage between related companies, and between client companies over a network, adding to the existing multi-server function. This function enables you to construct an SCM system, which is essential in sharing information with other companies easily, and it helps improve productivity, efficiency for business management, and the practical use of information resources. Also, with the release of the Groupmax Enterprise Version 5 product, substantial service contents, such as consulting, outsourcing, and educating provide solutions to constructing an enterprise workflow system.
The interface for connecting functions among workflows satisfies the standard WfMC Interoperability (Interface 4) regulated by WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) to actualize linkage with workflow system products. These standards will help promote connectivity with other companies' workflows developed in the future. Also, because the new product supports XML when workflows are linked, it makes it simpler to exchange and to catalog the data input from electronic forms.
To further improve workflow system reliability, the "failover", a function for switching to an alternate server system when the primary server system failures, has been improved by supporting MC/Service Guard for HP-UX in addition to Window NT clusters.

Operating environment
Server HI-UX/WE2, HP-UX, Windows NT3.51 Server, and Windows NT4.0 Server
Client Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT3.51, and Windows NT4.0

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