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Groupmax is a new groupware product designed to be used in an organization which is characterized by a complex hierarchy and diversified information culture. Groupmax provides all the functions necessary to conduct business, such as workflows, electronic mail, document management and schedule management.

By combining these functions you can quickly access information and can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your job. It also helps you to actualize Business Process Reengineering.

This section describes the main functions of Groupmax. Click the function name for more details.
Groupmax System

Integrated Desktop
You can use the Groupmax groupware functions in an integrated manner from a single window.
Integrated Desktop provides three work environments: a function-oriented environment, a business-oriented environment and a virtual environment. You can select the one that is best suited to your work task or to your experience with personal computers.

Web Linkage
You can use the Groupmax groupware functions from the Web client by linking Intranet. You can also actualize a global virtual environment by linking Intranet to Internet.

Workflow is a function that automates the flow of each job. You can observe job processes and problems, and you can analyze job processes and solve problems by displaying them visually. Non-form-defined processes, non-defined-routing (such as consulting and sending back) and work-item batch processes are also possible.

Electronic Forms
The forms that are now being used in your office can be converted into Electronic Forms. Electronic Form not only circulates and summarizes forms, but prevents their alteration with the facility for affixing seals by linking with electronic mail and workflow. Electronic Form lets you search databases and update jobs.

Document Manager
Use Document Manager to effectively manage documents. You can search documents in various ways such as searching from keywords or selecting from mulitiple headings. Document Manager not only shares related business information and saves it in databases, but simplifies the creation of defined forms by linking with Electronic Form. Use the classification index box so that dispersed information can be used effectively.

Electronic Mail (e-mail)
By using the mail system, you can send and recieve messages quickly. You can see the mail receiving and sending status in a list. Electronic Mail supports mobile environment (remote access) also. With the support of MAPI, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Exchange is also available.
The bulletin board system allows you to share and exchange business information with the people concerned. You can create bulletin boards to reflect the structure of your organization.

Electronic Address
Use Electronic Address to browse address when using the Groupmax mail system. Information about individuals and about your organization is displayed in a structure so that user information can be used effectively.

Use Scheduler (the schedule manager) to register other employees' schedules or to browse your own appointments that were scheduled by other employees.

By using the Groupmax Agent substitution facility, you can automate complicated jobs. Agent facility runs on both clients and servers so that you can use Agent in a mobile environment.

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