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This home page introduces some actual sites where Groupmax is being used, and gives an overview of how Groupmax is being used at these sites.
The information in each example is organized into the following sections:

pb[General users] [Financial corporations] [Public utilities] [Manufacturing corporations] [Insurance corporations] [Distribution corporations]
pb [Affliated companies of Hitachi]
pb [See also] Groupmax Version 2.0 in a WWW Environment

[General users]

[Financial corporations] Top of this page
pb The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd.
- Improved work and scheduling efficiency by using a Groupmax electronic mail system
pb The Tokai Bank, Ltd.
- Expanded a corporation-wide intranet system by using private telephone lines

[Public utilities] Top of this page
pb Toho Gas Co., Ltd.
- Used Groupmax electronic mail and schedule manager to promote a paperless office

[Manufacturing corporations] Top of this page
pb Otabe Co., Ltd.
- Constructed a WAN connecting three factories to increase the efficiency of office work by using electronic mail.
pb Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd.
- Improved productivity of office work; plan to use workflows in the future.
pb Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.
- Improved productivity of clerical and technical office work by quick and reliable communication.
pb Yamakawa Industrial Co., Ltd.
- Planning the infrastructure for a company-wide information system.
pb Kosaido Printing Co., Ltd.
- Improved white-collar productivity and information sharing.
- Promoted utilization of unified information by using LAN and groupware systems.
pb Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
- Improved information sharing and fast workflow construction by using Groupmax.
Groupmax reduced required time by 15 %.
pb Sokkia Co., Ltd.
- Utilized Groupmax and Lotus Notes to construct an effective workflow and e-mail environment

[Insurance corporations] Top of this page
pb Mitsui Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
- Increased efficiency of business operations to meet the needs of the changing business environment

[Distribution corporations] Top of this page
pb Komatsu Fukushima Co., Ltd.
- Planning to establish an infrastructure ready for the needs of the company.
pb Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
- Promoted centralized management of conference and reception rooms by using a reservation system.
pb Sansei Bussan Co., Ltd.
- End users designed workflows, and used them with ease. Designing an electronic form is easier than using a spreadsheet.
pb Watanabe Pipe Co., Ltd.
- Using Groupmax within the budget of a network during the era of mainframes.

[Affliated companies of Hitachi] Top of this page
pb Hitachi Information Systems Ltd.
- Using Groupmax to improve document management, distribution and retrieval.
pb Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
- Stimulating exchange of studies within and with outside of the company by using electronic mail.
pb Hitachi Electronic Services Co., Ltd.
- Reforming the entire business process by converting paper documents to online documents
pb Government and Public Corporation Information Systems Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
- Constructing and operating a large-scale system by using highly reliable groupware.
pb Hitachi Hokukai Semiconductor, Ltd.
- Promoting BPR (Business Process Reengineering) by improving document management and business processing
pb Software Division & Software Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Managing and processing large-scale core business operations by using integrated groupware.

[See also] Top of this page
Example of a system configuration using Groupmax Version 2.0 WWW environment

pb Groupmax WWW environment at the Software Division & Software Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
WWW servers provided in each department enable clients to use Groupmax from their browsers.

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