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Middleware & Platform Software


The SR8000 (HITACHI SR8000 Super Technical Server) is a parallel processing computer system consisting of many nodes that incorporate high-performance RISC microprocessors connected via a high-speed inter-node network. Each node consists of more than one microprocessor. In particular, the following two SR8000 functions enable high-speed processing within a node:

  • the mechanism for co-operative microprocessors in a single address space
  • the mechanism for pseudo vector processing

The HI-UX/MPP for SR8000 operating system for the SR8000 employs a microkernel technology that is optimized for parallel processing and distributed processing. In addition, the HI-UX/MPP for SR8000 can provide high-speed processing by using the above mechanisms.

The HI-UX/MPP for SR8000 installs the server on the microkernel and provides both parallel processing for the SR8000 and also provides single system operation. The parallel processing and single system functions enable the OS to provide scalability, high performance, high reliability, and high availability.