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Corporate Profile
Founded 1910
Established February 1920
Capital 458,790million yen (as of end of March 2016)
Management Toshiaki Higashihara
Representative Executive Officer and President & CEO
Number of Employees 37,353 (as of end of March 2016)
335,244 (consolidated, as of end of March 2016)
Business Activities Information and telecommunications systems, Power Systems, Social Infrastructure & Industrial Systems, Electronic Systems & Equipment, Construction Machinery, High Functional Materials & Components, Automotive Systems, Smart Life & Ecofriendly Systems, Others(Logistics, Services etc.), Financial Services, and up to 10 of these segments, product development, production, sales, and service.
Business Locations Headquarters in Tokyo, with business locations around Japan (divisions, research laboratories, affiliates) and overseas
Net Sales 1,859,605 million yen (as of end of March 2016)
10,034,305 million yen (consolidated net sales, as of end of March 2016)
Research & Development Expenditures 325,500 million yen (consolidated, as of end of March 2015)