• Hydropower generation

    Turbines are the engines of a hydroelectric power system. Based on high reliability underpinned by extensive experience, the Hydroelectric Power Systems Division undertakes planning, development, design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning of turbines. By getting involved from the design stage of new power plants, the division helps create the optimum hydroelectric power plant for a particular site.Hitachi optimizes the design of each of its hydroelectric power plants to ensure that the water resources are utilized effectively.The collective expertise of Hitachi 's engineers helps protect the environment.

    Hydropower generation
  • High-head pumpedstorage power plants

    Pumped-storage power generation is a way of storing and generating electric power using pumping and generation. Increasing the head (difference in water level) is an important factor in improving the economics.
    Hitachi achieves reliability and stable operation of high-headpumped- storage power generation equipment by steadily accumulating and effectively combining various pumped-storage power technologies.

    High-head pumpedstorage power plants
  • Adjustable-speed pumped-storage power generation systems

    Adjustable-speed pumped-storage power generation systems are a means of keeping the grid frequency stable and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the increased use of renewable energy sources has focused attention on large energy storage systems with the flexibility to adjust their input and output power; plans are under way to adopt adjustable-speed operation for new plants in Europe and America as well as existing plants in Japan.
    Based on our experience at sites in Japan, we intend to be involved in future projects in cooperation with other divisions of Hitachi.

    Adjustable-speed pumped-storage power generation systems
  • Performance improvement

    This work involves the "repowering" of existing hydroelectric power plants. Hitachi refurbishes power plants that have been in operation for 30 years or more with new equipment to improve their power generation efficiency and make more effective use of existing dams. In addition to systems originally installed by Hitachi, the division is also actively involved in improving the performance of plants that were originally supplied by other companies. Combining new equipment developed using the latest technologies with existing plants is a way of extracting even more hydroelectric energy out of sites around the world.

  • CFD analysis and hydraulic measurement facilities

    Each hydroelectric power plant is custom-designed for its site. In addition to using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and experimental fluid dynamics (EFD) measurement technologies to identify the optimum shape, Hitachi also performs verification testing to ensure highly reliable operation. We work with power plant owners on the specific issues of each power plant and seek to resolve them through analysis and testing.

    CFD analysis and hydraulic measurement facilities
  • Speed-governing systems for hydraulic turbines

    Speed-governing systems are used to control turbine operation. Hybrid control units that combine mechanical and electrical elements help turbines deliver optimum performance. Together with other control equipment, these systems play a part in ensuring a stable supply of electric power.

  • Hydroelectric power generators and generator motors

    These generators are provided in global markets as well as Japan, contributing to society by constantly supplying the electric power that is indispensable for the daily life of consumers. Generator motors and adjustable-speed generator motors used at pumped storage power plant serve as a core part of the smart grid that ensures a stable power supply and the stabilization of power systems with a high-speed power supply capacity and the capacity to absorb a large amount of extra electricity to respond to the mass introduction of renewable energy. Hitachi's generators are evolving by responding to the market demands for larger capacity and higher efficiency and by utilizing our technologies fostered incompetitive global markets.

    Hydroelectric power generators and generator motors
  • Industrial large-scale synchronous motors and associated devices

    Hitachi provides high-voltage and large-capacity synchronous motors that drive pumps, compressors and fans used in a variety of industries according to the particular needs of customers.
    We are also committed to supplying and providing maintenance for synchronous phase modifiers for business and generator motors for nuclear fusion power source (M-G set) that are developed based on the technologies of large-capacity vertical axis synchronous generator motors for hydroelectricgeneration and industrial large-capacity synchronous motors.


  • Turbines with higher efficiency

    The aim is to make more effective use of water resources by utilizing fluid simulation together with testing and measurement technologies to improve turbine efficiency. In addition to improving the efficiency of pump-turbines used in the pumpedstorage power plants that help improve the efficiency and stability of the electricity grid, Hitachi is also developing pump-turbine runners for adjustable-speed pumped-storage power plants.

    Turbines with higher efficiency
  • Runners with improved characteristics

    The runners are a key component of a turbine. Hitachi has been progressively designing new runner shapes that can be used under a wide range of operating conditions or in special location-specific conditions. These new runner shapes, which feature complex three-dimensional curves, are being developed utilizing digital engineering technology such as 3D-CAD/CAM.

    Runners with improved characteristics
  • High-speed pumped-storage power generation motors

    Generator motors for pumped-storage are reversible energy converters that work as motors to pump up water into a higher reservoir and store a large amount of potential energy there during night hours when electric demand is low, and also work as power generators to supply electricity to the grid during the day when electric demand is high. As generator motors have become faster and larger capacity, the design should take into consideration the improvement of cooling characteristics of generator motors to respond to the increasing capacity, the strength of revolving parts to withstand high centrifugal forces, and high-speed and high surface pressure bearings of reliable quality.
    We develop and design our products using sophisticated technologies with electromagnetic fields, stress, heat and fluid analysis.

  • Adjustable-speed generator motors

    Adjustable-speed generator motors are new pumpedstorage power generation systems that receive electricity from the power systems at a constant commercial frequency even if the rotation speed of generator motors changes.The pumped-storage power generation systems combine power generator technology with power electronics technology, thus improving the stability of power systems with superb functions including power system frequency control during operation. The systems can not only smooth the power gap between day and night by pumping water using extra power during the night, but also receive electricity from the power systems at a high speed by using the inertial energy generated by the rotating parts.New materials, structures and production methods, which are different from those for conventional generator motors, have been developed and applied to the adjustable-speed generator motors used in this system.

    Adjustable-speed generator motors


Global Expansion

Hitachi is contributing to the effective use of hydraulic energy through re-powering of existing power plants in countries such as the USA that already make extensive use of hydroelectric power as well as through the supply of new plants. Hitachi also is delivering reliable products in cooperation with overseas partners in procurement and manufacturing.

Development technology/Products

Hydraulic power generation equipment / High-head pump storage hydroelectric power generation equipment / Waterwheel control equipment / Fluid simulation / Hydraulic power testing sites / Industrial power generators / Variable-speed generator motors / Industrial large-scale synchronous motors / Electric power generators for nuclear fusion power / Electromagnetic field analysis

Tokyo Electric Power Company 525MVA generator-motor for Kannagawa Hydropower Plant (generator-motors with one of largest single machine capacities in the world)

In recent years, there have been more opportunities to revise hydropower generation as clean energy that does not generate carbon dioxide, and the highcapacity technology for generator-motors and digital organization technology for thyristor activation equipment cultivated at Kannagawa Hydropower Plant are being noticed for their contributions to the global environment.

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Jan. 2013 Hitachi Hyorong Commencement of operation of TEPCO Kannagawa Hydropower Plant 525MVA/464MW Generator-Motor No. 2h

Omarugawa Pumped Storage Power Stationfs variable-speed water pumping power generation system contributes to stabilization of power supply

Variable-speed water pumping power generation systems contributing to load leveling of power demand and frequency stabilization of power systems are expected to play a role as energy storage equipment in time of surges of power demand and times of emergency. At Omarugawa Pumped Storage Power Station, which has has implemented a large-capacaity, high-speed variable-speed water pumping power generation system, electric power can be provided in just 2 and a half minutes from a suspended state, which is comparable to nuclear power plants. With the spread of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, which minimize carbon dioxide emissions, this is becoming more and more important.

Reference documents:
Jan. 2013 Hitachi Hyorong Omarugawa Pumped Storage Power Stationfs variablespeed water pumping power generation system contributes to stabilization of power supplyh

Irrigation water project contributing to afforestation of desert in Egypt

In urbanization development centered on a project for afforestation of deserts in Egypt, a total length of 240km of irrigation waterways and giant pump stations have been constructed to change 225,000 ha (an area of a similar scale to that of Tokyo) of desert into agricultural land and settle 3 million people there. Hitachi, Ltd. is in charge of mechanical/electrical system design for pump stations and supply of machinery, and has played a central role in giant pump station construction plans. This division has produced and supplied 21 12MW synchronous motors for driving pumps within these plans.

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