Leading business development that solves environmental and social problems and taking on the challenge of creating a better tomorrow.

It is impossible for human beings to avoid the various environmental and social problems, as represented in SDGs and planetary boundaries, which have arisen as a result of the growth of our species.
Digital technologies play a crucial role in solving these problems and growing humanity in a sustainable way.
Through the utilization of data, which is the key to digitalization, undiscovered solutions and new services that can change the future have been created.
Even on the global stage, Hitachi is an unique company that has control operation technology (OT) and products, in addition to digital technology (IT) such as AI (artificial intelligence) and big data analysis.
We have a division that maximizes these strengths to globally provide, via Lumada, digital solutions such as for high-added-value social infrastructure to solve environmental and social problems, with the aim to realize a sustainable society and improve both the QoL of people and the corporate value of our customers; that division is Hitachifs Social Innovation Business Division.
The Social Business Incubation and Development conducts strategic planning and business development to accelerate these activities. We conduct business activities not only in Japan, but also across the world in countries and regions such as the U.S., China, Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. As responsible professional business people with business expertise, each member of our staff connects our customers to the Hitachi Group and companies outside the Group, promoting business with a long-term perspective and leading the social innovation business on a global scale.

Leading business development that solves environmental and social problems and taking on the challenge of creating a better tomorrow.


Process of Activities

  • We are engaged in activities to connect customers with Hitachi Group and external businesses, from planning of social innovation business strategy and creating detailed business ideas down to the conclusion of contracts.

    Process of Activities
  • Our first step in incubation and business launch for each business is comprehending and understanding the cause of society and our customersf problems before focusing on whether the new solutions maximize customer value. In addition, we determine whether the business can be scaled up exponentially before establishing the business.
    Eventually the business is transferred to the respective business units responsible for the business, and focus shifts towards creating the next new social innovation business.

    Process of Activities

Activity case introduction

  • Initiatives for development of businesses to solve environmental problems

    In order to suppress global warming and realize a sustainable society, it is imperative that we humans reduce the emission of the greenhouse gases involved in various human activities. Even though all industries are required to use clean energy, some businesses face high hurdles in changing from fossil fuels to clean electricity, by having to change the energy procurement, facilities, and work processes. For such businesses, we are developing a one-stop business area, starting with EVs in the ongoing shift towards eliminating fossil fuels, to provide changes in energy, equipment procurement, and work processes.

    Initiatives for development of businesses to solve environmental problems
  • Addressing the world's most advanced businesses

    DX (Digital Transformation) is one of the biggest issues faced by companies, essential in order to survive an era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) where we donft know what the future holds. GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) who are leaders in DX, have achieved rapid growth that has not been possible in the past. Hitachi aims to incorporate new trends into its business by analyzing the business strategies and business processes developed by these companies.
    In order to respond to the worldfs most advanced businesses, we incorporate the viewpoint of customer success when creating strategies to create new businesses and conducting business support activities.

    Addressing the world's most advanced businesses
  • Initiatives to create services and develop cross-functional digital technologies using digital technology

    In addition to the IT technology we have been providing to date, we are developing cross-functional technologies that will support initiatives towards Society 5.0, smart factories and customer value-orientated companies using the latest digital technologies, such as IoT, AI and edge computing, and the most advanced business concepts in the world. For each detailed business creation, we are promoting initiatives to provide digital technologies globally that will support total solutions combining IT, OT, products and systems.
    This will support a sustainable society where everyone lives comfortably by digital technology.

    Initiatives to create services and develop cross-functional digital technologies using digital technology
  • Industrial and Smart Factory initiatives

    In recent years, the environment surrounding the manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes, such as the rapidly changing economic situation, the manner in which global disasters are dealt with, the declining labor force, the rapid acceleration of technological innovation such as digitization, environmental problems, and global development. We provide "Smart Factory" solutions to management issues faced by our customers in the manufacturing industries.
    We are promoting the planning and development of service models that collect data on production through IoT infrastructure and link it to the optimal actions using AI. Through collaborative and creative activities with our customers and initiatives within the Hitachi Group in the manufacturing industry, we are promoting the planning and development of such service models on a global scale.

    Industrial and Smart Factory initiatives
  • Initiatives to address industry and quality focused enterprises
    (such as medicine and medical equipment industry)

    In response to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are aiming to improve the quality of life by developing new medicine and medical equipment in the medical/medical equipment industry. There have been various technological revolutions in the medical/medical equipment field like developing new medicine through biotechnology and regenerative medicine, however, it is important to ensure the quality of products. Hitachi has delivered many solutions, including manufacturing execution systems and biotechnology plants that are domestic market share leaders, ranging from everything from IT and OT to finished products. In preparation for what is yet to come of COVID-19, we are promoting the planning and development of a platform that uses innovative business models that pursue quality improvement through digital technology such as AI or IoT for a vast global market.

    Initiatives to address industry and quality focused enterprises (such as medicine and medical equipment industry)


Consultants/Business Incubators

Based on the deep knowledge of global market trends and state-of-the-art technology trends, we analyze and get an accurate grasp of the market environment, business structure and management issues surrounding our customers, understand the causal relationship between the issues and current situation of our customers and create business ideas. We connect customers and stakeholders both within and outside Hitachi Group to formulate and evaluate detailed plans for business creation, and lead the social innovation business all the way to implementation.


In addition to initiatives by Hitachi, Ltd. as a whole, we are promoting the training of human resources that can lead and support the social innovation business through our unique system

By holding external seminars regarding state-of-the-art technology and market trends within our company we are able to be up to date with the latest information. We also hold various study sessions on AI/IoT across our company.

Global expansion of the social innovation business

Along with the progress of digital technology, the needs of the global market are entering a period of drastic changes, and in terms of the extension of conventional businesses, it has entered an age where it is difficult to maintain and expand sufficient competitiveness.
In order to provide valuable solutions to the society and customers in every region of the global society, the Social Business Incubation and Development is leading the creation of new businesses by leveraging on Hitachi's strengths through collaborative activities with global teams, partners, and customers both within and outside the company in each region.



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