Add new value to people, buildings, and society.

gElevators and escalators that you use from day to dayh
Hitachi Building Systems plays a role in supporting everyday life.
In order to support the building environments that people wish to work in, live in and visit, and to provide new value to modern society, we are developing solutions businesses, such as air-conditioning, security cameras and building facility management systems that increase the added value of customersf buildings centering on the Elevators and Escalators Business.
In the Elevators and Escalators Business, we are developing our research and development of elevators and escalators on a global scale, supporting comfortable movement throughout buildings and urban spaces. With a wide variety of products created from our advanced technical capabilities, we provide safe and secure products for all at any time by pursuing safety and energy efficiency to respond to the construction of higher buildings.
In our building total solutions business, we provide a comfortable environment for people who use buildings by integrating air conditioning, security cameras, building facility management systems, and other systems with elevators and escalators using AI, IoT, and other digital technologies, with a focus on improving efficiency and energy conservation.
We will continue to provide safe, secure and comfortable elevating machines and services that contribute to solving customersf various issues in urban spaces globally by widely utilizing the latest digital technology for development of products and services, and thus contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Add new value to people, buildings, and society.


Life cycle of the Elevator and Escalator Business

  • The life cycle of elevating machines can be divided into gnew installation,h gmaintenanceh and grenovation.h
    [New installation]: This refers to the process of installing a new elevating machine from development of a new product - receiving order (sales) - specification determination - design - manufacturing - installation - quality inspection - delivery to the customer.
    [Maintenance]: This refers to the process of maintenance and repair to maintain the performance of the elevating machine after delivering to the customer.
    [Renovation]: This refers to the process of replacing an old elevating machine with a new one after maintenance, from receiving order (sales) - specification determination - design - manufacturing - installation - quality inspection - delivery to the customer.
    Employees of development and design will be involved in the above corresponding process.

Main examples of elevating machines

  • Order made elevators

    Elevators are designed to respond to a building's concept and purpose of use. We propose styles in line with urban spaces, including high speed, high capacity elevators made for skyscrapers and large scale facilities as well as observation elevators that produce spatial beauty in locations such as resort facilities and shopping centers.

    Order made elevators
  • Standard elevators

    The new elevator model further improves upon energy saving through using only LED celling lights and effectively employing regenerative electric power. Additionally, security is heightened through functions such as inside security cameras, which display monitoring footage inside the elevator, and secret operation mode, which prevents third parties from seeing the destination floor.

  • Escalator

    Our latest escalator model employs inverter controls and is equipped with a variety of safety functions, including soft stop functionality that inhabits falling and stumbling even in cases of sudden stoppage because of security device activation as well as warning activation functionality for climbing on handrail. Additionally, we have improved power consumption through installing LED railing lights.

Overview of Building Total Solution Business

  • The buildings are equipped with various equipment (power transmission and transformation, water supply and drainage, air-conditioning, elevators and escalators, security cameras, etc.). By utilizing digital technology centering on our control systems and BIVALE (¦), and by accumulating and analyzing usage data, we provide the environment that people who use buildings can spend comfortably.
    ¦ BIVALE: A new solution service that solves problems in building management and operations through integrated management of energy, security, and building management.

    Overview of Building Total Solution Business



We undertake the development of new technologies, coordination of model changes, and improvements in processing and assembly, etc. to create efficient production structures for the development of highly innovative, reliable, safe and profitable elevators and escalators. We are expanding our elevating machine business, which contributes to society through our world-leading development and design capabilities and insightful creativity. And Hitachi extends these activities to countries far beyond Japan's shores.


We decide the specifications of elevating machines (types of machine, rope, rail, etc.) and arrangement of equipment, and architecturally design the cage interior and landing in order to deliver elevating machines that meet the requirements of customers.
It is our mission to deliver the most suitable elevating machine to each customer, because different customers have different building structures and requirements.

Smart Building / Service Development

We are engaged in products, service planning and pre-services related to the building facilities (security, building management systems, etc.) that we handle.
Especially in recent years, we are focusing on efforts to realize "smart building" utilizing digital technologies such as IoT.


[Hitachifs ultra-high-speed elevator] Has reached 1,260 m/min, the worldfs fastest speedi¦j

Hitachi has always looked one step ahead into the future throughout over 90 years of the history of elevator development, and has conducted research daily as a pioneer in order to realize the vertical expansion and higher functionality of cities.
In 2019, we installed the elevator that reached the worldfs fastest speed of 1,260 m/min (75.6 km/h) at Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a skyscraper complex building in Guangzhou, China through the technological strength we have cultivated.
The pioneer spirit of gcreating the best elevator in Japan, and in the worldh has been carried down in the hearts of Hitachi engineers.

¦August 2022, based on Hitachi survey

[Hitachifs ultra-high-speed elevator] Has reached 1,260 m/min, the worldfs fastest speedi¦j

Developed gFI-700h - an elevator management system for predicting human flow

An operation management system is required to dispatch multiple elevators efficiently in large-scale complex buildings. We have developed gFI-700h, an elevator management system for predicting human flow, which realizes efficient operation of multiple elevators. This system reduces by up to 20% (compared to the conventional models) the average waiting time at busy times such as lunchtime by predicting the number of people using elevators (human flow) from enormous past operation data utilizing AI. In addition, data can be linked with building equipment such as surveillance cameras. We aim to create innovations for movement within buildings through collaboration with customers.


Global Expansion

Our Group, which promotes the research of advanced technologies, has research facilities in Guangzhou and Shanghai in China and Singapore, in addition to Mito Works, and is also expanding production facilities mainly in Japan, China, and Thailand. Additionally, we are promoting the strengthening of our business framework in China, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East in order to improve our overseas sales capabilities, and overseas comprises roughly 60% of the Groupfs consolidated sales ratio.

Our Future Plans

Elevators and escalators are an essential part of modern urban life. Our elevator and escalator business has gained the trust of our customers and achieved outstanding results because of our excellent technical skills. We are expanding globally from Japan to areas such as China, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East. Society today is experiencing a number of profound changes, such as the arrival of a super aged society and the transition to a knowledge economy. In this context, an urban space that is in harmony with the environment is desirable, so that each individual can live a life that is safe, ensure and comfortable.
We combine the service network and independent technology that we have cultivated in the Elevators and Escalators Business over the years to provide solutions that create a new type of urban space.

Elevator Research Tower

Since the buildings around the world, including the Middle East and China, have been evolving in terms of height, elevators must likewise increase in speed and capacity so that many people in the building can move efficiently. We utilize the gG1TOWERh, one of the world tallest elevator research towers at 213 m, to develop and test regarding various kind of elevators.

Elevator Research Tower



  • Head Office

    Head Office

    WATERRAS TOWER, 2-101, Awaji-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8941, Japan

  • Production Site (Mito Works)

    Production Site (Mito Works)

    1070 Ichige, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, 312-8506, Japan

Other Company Information

Number of employees Approx. 41,000 employees@[Group consolidated] (as of March 2022)


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