Aspiring to be a lifestyle solutions company that contributes to improving the quality of life for customers

Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Ltd. ("Hitachi GLS"), with home appliances and air conditioning businesses as its core products, engages in the sales of home appliances, air conditioning equipment, and facility equipment, as well as the provision of engineering and maintenance services, and also focuses on offering product solutions that utilize digital technology.
Toward the realization of a better society, we will create life solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life (QoL) of consumers, focusing on the four areas of "enrichment of daily life," "advancement and enhancement of medical care," "recycle-based society," and "low environmental impact," with the business slogan, gHappiness 360‹ - Joyous life for each and all,h through innovation leveraging the business foundation we have developed to date, the combined strengths of the Hitachi Group, and digital technology. We will also accelerate the overseas sales of Hitachi brand products and the overseas expansion of the life solution business by strengthening global alliances.

Aspiring to be a lifestyle solutions company that contributes to improving the quality of life for customers


  • Hitachi GLS is driving innovation from digital and green perspectives while expanding its solutions business with digital technology and transforming itself into a recycling-oriented "Monozukuri" company.
    The word "product" used to refer to "hardware," but from now on, "applications" and "remote monitoring" and other digital elements are added, and the products themselves are required to be environmentally friendly.
    In the home appliance business, we provide value through manufacturing and delivering excellent products to our customers, but we believe that further adding of value and enhancing affinity with digital technology is what is expected of Hitachi GLS.
    In the Air Conditioning solutions business, we aim to contribute to solving social issues by providing Green and Clean solutions. In the Green field, we promote energy solutions to save energy and facility solutions to use air conditioning with reliability through cooperation within Hitachi Group; and in Clean, we contribute to solving social issues by providing healthcare solutions that manage air quality, temperature, and humidity, which are required in the field of regenerative medicine and other fields.



Product Engineer

  • Design and Development (Hardware and Software)

    Reflecting evolving technology and enabling its fruition to provide the world with new value is the role of design and development. With Hitachifs technological strengths as the backbone, employees respond immediately to ever-changing market trends and social needs, creating apparatuses and systems from planning and development to commercialization by utilizing data analyses, digital technologies, etc.

  • Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineer

    The role is to expand production volume and improve production efficiency from the technical side. Employees make full use of IT technologies and other ways to pursue development and implementation of production technologies to expand production efficiency, thereby increasing the cost performance of products.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance is what is defending the last line of production as the keeper of product quality. Part of the job is advancing development and implementation of product assurance technologies in line with the motto gquality is the real essence of a Hitachi product.h Employees perform rigorous checks, from identifying and responding to the causes of product malfunction during the production process to products used by customers.

Solution Engineer

  • Air Conditioning Solution Engineer (Technical Sales and Service Engineer)

    The role is to propose solutions to various customer issues from a technical point of view, and to solve the customerfs issue by involving design, manufacture, production technology, quality assurance, and staffing department, and other fields.

  • IT Solution Engineer (Digital Service Design, System Operation)

    gDigital Service Designh - Perform development, implementation, and maintenance (update) of applications incorporating the goals of the provision of services. Employees work with affiliated departments to provide feedback and the like for service improvements and products.
    gSystem Operationh - Employees establish IT system strategies and perform system planning in order to increase the efficiency of work in the company, and arrange implementation.


Maintaining a beautiful finish, now equipped with a heat pump for time-saving(¦1) and energy efficiency(¦2) Front-loading washer-dryer "Big Drum" BD-STX130J, BD-SX120J

In recent years, in addition to the rapid growth of lifestyle services against the backdrop of advances in digital technology, lifestyles in society have been diversified by changes in social structures such as increases in the number of dual-income families and the elderly. Our washing machines contribute to solving the life challenges that these bring about, such as saving labor, time-saving, finish, and energy saving. The "Raku Haya-Kaze Iron," which employs the heat pump technology refined in refrigerators and EcoCute systems, combines high-speed air and large air volume to maintain the quality of finish while achieving time savings and energy efficiency compared to traditional models. Additionally, the "Easy Maintenance" feature we developed last year eliminates the need for a drying filter and reduces the effort required for cleaning by incorporating three automatic cleaning functions: "automatic washing tub cleaning," "automatic drying duct cleaning," and "automatic door gasket cleaning," along with a "large-capacity lint filter." With the installation of the heat pump this time, we have added a heat exchanger that dehumidifies and creates warm air to the drying path and also added automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger with "Drying path auto-clean." With "Niagara wash," which quickly penetrates clothing with a high-concentration detergent and rinses off dirt with a high flow of water, an additional lower shower was added. This allows for a more concentrated detergent liquid to be thoroughly applied to clothes with less water, enhancing the penetration to the entire garment. It achieves a high cleaning power just as before, but now can wash up quickly. Also, by utilizing the connected home appliances, an automatic detergent/fabric softener reorder service that enables to automatically reorder detergent and fabric softener when they are running short and a concierge function that provides recommendations for courses to use based on the type and use of clothes, as well as advice based on the weather are available. In addition, features such as our unique AI course that learns the user's preferred washing style, and the Download Course which allows adding more washing programs, enable personalization of the appliance's functions to suit individual preferences. By analyzing life data and combining it with multiple products and services, we are working to provide new life solutions and improve QoL through connected home appliances, which can collect life data at the point of contact with consumers.

¦1 Operating time varies depending on the amount and type of clothing, as well as the usage environment.
¦2 The cost of electricity and water may vary depending on the amount and type of clothing, usage environment, and the customer's contract details.

Front Load Washer-Dryer, connected appliance entrusted to finishing by gWind Ironh and gAutomatic Dispenser & AI Laundryh
Front Load Washer-Dryer, connected appliance entrusted to finishing by gWind Ironh and gAutomatic Dispenser & AI Laundryh

Connected home appliance refrigerator connects to smartphones to check foods and manage stocks

Connected home appliances make daily food management simple and easy. With our refrigerators, the "Refrigerator Camera" mounted on top of the unit automatically takes photos of the food items on the shelves and in the left and right door pockets of the compartment when the door to the refrigeration area is opened. The captured images can be viewed from the Hitachi Refrigerator Concierge App. This makes it possible to use a smartphone to remember what is in the refrigerated compartment while shopping, reducing the risk of forgetting to buy something or buying food that has already been purchased, and making daily food management easier.
The "Smart Stocker" designed to enrich the time spent at home was developed in response to changes in the social environment, particularly the growth of e-commerce (EC) and the increase in demand for eating at home. When the user registers food items they wish to keep in stock, the "Smart Stocker" uses weight sensors on the second and fifth shelves to detect the weight and display the stock status on the smartphone. When the food is getting low, the system notifies you by sending a notification to the Home screen. If the user registers frequently used stores in advance, the "Buy" button on the app will take the user to the registered e-commerce sites for a smooth shopping experience. Through collaborative creation with food suppliers, we are promoting the development of convenient food stock management solutions.

Connected home appliance refrigerator connects to smartphones to check foods and manage stocks

gexiidah creates new value of air conditioning by utilizing various types of data and know-how

In the air-conditioning business, we are mainly expanding the sale and service engineering business of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. In our view, it is important to ensure that the apparatus installed operates stably and our customers can use it with confidence. As part of the after-sales business, we are working on Remote Monitoring/Predictive Diagnosis Service gexiida.h
Remote monitoring monitors the operating conditions of the installed apparatus 24 hours a day and notifies the customer immediately in the event of a failure. Our engineer visits the site after checking the information at the time of failure, enabling prompt repair for a sudden breakdown.
Predictive diagnosis conducts machine learning based on the refrigeration cycle data during normal operation. By comparing the operation data learned with the current data, the system captures and analyzes the signs of abnormality and contacts the customer, leading to the implementation of preventive maintenance. Under the Fluorocarbon Emissions Control Act, which was revised and enforced in August 2022, a system for constantly monitoring equipment is positioned as an alternative to simple visual inspections, and Hitachifs predictive diagnostic technology can now be used for this purpose. We will contribute to reducing the workload of simple inspections for equipment managers. The "exiida Remote Monitoring and Operating Noise Diagnosis Services," which is part of the "exiida solution," measures compressor operation noise in chillers and chiller units fitted with screw compressors to detect abnormal noise caused due to wear and tear on the compressor bearing section. It supports maintenance based on equipment condition standards. Furthermore, as the importance of ventilation continues to increase in our current living environments, "exiida Air Quality Management Support" has been developed. We visualize air quality through sensors installed indoors. Control ventilation equipment based on the measured CO2 concentration. It is expected that by controlling the amount of ventilation (increasing or decreasing) at the appropriate times, we can optimize the air conditioning load and achieve energy savings, as well as reduce the need for manpower in ventilation tasks.

gexiidah creates new value of air conditioning by utilizing various types of data and know-how

New Developments in Air Conditioning Solutions for Regenerative Medical Facilities and Negative Pressure Clean Booths for Isolation

We have been providing air conditioning solutions for cell processing facilities in the field of regenerative medicine by applying the technology we have cultivated to control temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and room pressure as air quality with high precision. The system comprehensively coordinates the entire facility, including remote monitoring of cell processing equipment and air conditioning units, as well as indoor manufacturing equipment, to provide environmental and economic value to customers. We have developed a new concept, next-generation module CPC to respond the industrialization of regenerative medicine and global expansion. A variety of options such as GCTP compliance improves the QoL of society. By adopting the rotation speed control method of the FFU motor instead of the conventional air volume control using a damper and adjusting the air volume linearly, the room pressure in the preparation room can be maintained. It is also possible to control the air flow at low speed, which reduces power consumption. In addition, to promote collaboration with various companies and universities, we have established the Regenerative Medicine Innovation Center in Nihombashi, Tokyo, where you can see, touch, and simulate the equipment and devices needed for cell processing facilities.
Through collaboration with Yukaze BIO Medical, a regenerative medicine enterprise based in Okinawa Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as Yukaze BIO), we have launched the manufacturing and supply of regenerative cell medicines utilizing the latest cell culture processing facility/Cell Processing Center (CPC) and an integrated management platform for value chains.
The "Next-generation modular CPC" by Hitachi GLS, introduced in the Yukaze BIO's own factory, can ensure quality that meets global standards and has an abundant track record of implementation. Also, Hitachi's Lumada(¦1) solution, "Regenerative Medicine etc. Product Value Chain Integrated Management Platform/Hitachi Value Chain Traceability service for Regenerative Medicine (hereafter, HVCT RM)," which centrally manages information of patients, cells, and products manufactured from cells throughout the supply chain from cell collection to administration to patients, ensures the traceability of products and prevents mix-ups by allowing stakeholders such as hospitals and logistics companies to smoothly coordinate information on the cloud. Additionally, this case represents the first domestic initiative to adapt Hitachi's HVCT RM, which has a proven track record in the field of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act(¦2), to the field of the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine(¦3,4).
By utilizing these, Yukaze BIO will realize safe and secure manufacturing and distribution in regenerative medicine.

¦1 A collective term for Hitachi's advanced digital technologies, solutions, and services that leverage customer data to create value and accelerate digital innovation.

¦2 Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act: Refers to the "Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices."

¦3 Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine: Refers to the "Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine and Related Areas."

¦4 As of May 2023. The scope includes cell culture processing facilities that are operated in Japan under the "Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine."

–For more details about the product, please visit Hitachifs website.

New Developments in Air Conditioning Solutions for Regenerative Medical Facilities and Negative Pressure Clean Booths for Isolation


What we are aiming for

Hitachi Global Life Solutions (GLS) announced our unchanging gPurpose,h which represents the meaning of our existence in society, in order to continue to be chosen by society and our customers. In a world of drastic changes in people's values and the social environment, we aim to create a society where people and the global environment coexist in harmony and where people respect diverse individual lifestyles, and we are sincerely committed to improving our customers' quality of life (QoL) through enriched lifestyles and advanced and enhanced medical care, as well as to achieving a sustainable society, which includes a recycling-oriented society and low environmental impact. It also expresses our company-wide commitment to the creation of a sustainable society.

What we are aiming for

Take note of Mana Ashida's cute pose!
"Introducing Hitachi! ('Easy Fast Clean' and energy-saving too!) edition" released

On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, Hitachi GLS has been broadcasting TV commercials featuring actor Mana Ashida with the slogan, "Introducing Hitachi!" As the 7th installment, we released a front-loading washer-dryer that maintains a clean finish while equipped with a new heat pump, leading to both time savings(¦1) and energy efficiency(¦2) in the edition called "Introducing Hitachi! ('Easy Fast Clean' and energy-saving too!)."
The new Hitachi technology featured in "Distinctive Techniques" is introduced one by one with perfect tempo using the keywords "easy, quick, clean, and energy-saving!" paired with delightful exchanges with the family. In the end, the family is completely satisfied, and Ashida-san concludes the commercial with a lovely smile and a cute pose.
At the PR event for the "Hitachi Drum Type Washing and Drying Machine New Product and New Commercial Announcement," Ashida-san appeared and said during the announcement, "Laundry is a daily task, so having maintenance become easier is something I think would feel very relieving, and features like the Air Iron and energy saving are just some of the many delightful aspects, I truly think it's amazing!" passionately speaking about the appeal of the new Hitachi front-loading washer-dryer.

¦1 The operating time may vary depending on the amount and type of clothing and the conditions of use.

¦2 By heat pump method.

Take note of Mana Ashida's cute pose!
              gIntroducing Hitachi! ('Easy Fast Clean' and energy-saving too!) editionh releasedTake note of Mana Ashida's cute pose!
              gIntroducing Hitachi! ('Easy Fast Clean' and energy-saving too!) editionh released

–For more information on the products, please visit our website.



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