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Hitachi's approach to Society 5.0

A major feature of Society 5.0 is that connecting various services and enterprises by data can lead to business expansion and various innovations. Society 5.0 makes it possible to, on a level that not reachable within a single field, improve the efficiency of scale and level of sophistication. In turn, these are connected to resolving social issues.

Connected society

Optimizing manufacturing and transport according to consumption trends, and providing highly functional products quickly and at low cost

Matching expected return times with transport information in real time, and picking up multiple passengers in each vehicle

Optimizing the energy value chain and achieving the best mix of energies

Providing medical insurance that helps to improve the customer's health, based on their daily health state and purchasing behavior

To speed up the arrival of Society 5.0, the Japanese government is deploying various measures.

Preparing/strengthening foundations

Preparing a foundation for data circulation
Japan is preparing a foundation to enable data to be circulated across fields.
Supporting the establishment of a non-government, data-transaction market
Japan is supporting the establishment of a market that can trade various types of data safely, in real time. The market is based on independent rules (authentication criteria) stipulated in non-government meetings.
Preparing a security foundation
Japan is preparing a foundation to allow data to be linked safely between organizations, while protecting the system from threats such as cyber attacks.
Supporting research and development
Japan is supporting R$D of revolutionary technologies that can generate discontinuous innovations.

Preparing/disseminating rules

Preparing and disseminating contract guidelines related to data usage rights
To aid data linkages between organizations, Japan is actively promoting and deploying contract guidelines that clarify data usage rights, and important cautionary notes for individual fields.
Improving the Unfair Competition Prevention Act
To enable data to be circulated safely, Japan is preparing and organizing laws to prohibit illicitly obtaining, using, and providing data.
Promulgating the improved Act on the Protection of Personal Information
Private enterprises make various inquiries related to handling personal and anonymized information. Japan is disseminating collections of those inquiries, related discussions, and responses.
Examining, discussing, and preparing rules on developing and using technologies such as AI and robots
To protect the benefits and reduce the risks that AIs and robots bring to society, Japan is examining, discussing, and preparing rules.

Supporting service creation

Supporting businesses that will drive regional economies
Japan is supporting core businesses that will drive regional economies. Preferential measures are being taken for persons, things, money, information, and regulations, in accordance with the Regional Future Investment Promotion Act, which aims to expand regional growth. (Investment of 1 trillion yen over 3 years)
Establishing a sandbox system for regulations
To widely implement innovative results in society, Japan is establishing a system that enables demonstrations, with restrictions on participants and periods, and with the agreement of participants.
Supporting training of human resources
Japan is building a mechanism to understand demand and supply of IT human resources, improving all aspects of IT skill standards, and supporting the retraining of individuals.