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Finger Vein Authentication Technology

USB Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Unit

Product Features

The Hitachi USB Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Unit PCT-KCUA011 performs image capture, verification and authentication within the unit. This reduces load on the host system or PC. The device supports operating systems other than Windows®.

Outline view of  PCT-KCUA011

False Acceptance rate (FAR): 0.0001%*
False Rejection Rate (FRR): 0.01%*
Failure to Enrollment Rate: (FTER): Less than 0.03%*

  • (* Measured with 1:1 authentication based on ISO/IEC19795-1)

Difference between PCT-KC8203 and PCT-KCUA011

FV Authentication Process of PCT-KC8203

FV Authentication Process of PCT-KCUA011



Authentication Process Flow

H1E-USB Embedded Equipment




PCT-KCUA011 specifications
Product Name

USB Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Unit

Model Name .


Interface USB 2.0/1.1
Maximum Power Supply Voltage: DC 5.0V +/- 5%  (USB bus power supply)
Current: Less than 500mA
Dimensions Approx. 59mm/2.3”(W) x 82mm/3.2”(D) x 74mm/2.9”(H)
weight Approx. 103g(USB cable not included)
Memory SDRAM (volatile memory) for 2,000 templates
Template Storage In the host system which embeds PCT-KCUA011
Number of templates can be registered In-device: 2,000 templates*  
In the host system: depends on the database in the system
Maximum 100 templates in 1 group. By registering multi groups, up to 2,000 templates can be stored.

Note: These specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.