Patent Portfolio for Flash technologies#1

The Hitachi flash portfolio now includes a new and expanded lineup of all-flash and hybrid flash arrays, performance optimization software and data analytics capabilities, including: the new all-flash Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F (VSP F) series, enhanced models of the Hitachi VSP G series, next-generation Hitachi flash module drive(FMD DC2) with inline data compression (FMD DC2) and enhanced Hitachi Automation Director and Hitachi Data Center Analytics tools for improved response times and greater effective capacity.

With VSP F series and FMD DC2, Hitachi set out to design a purpose-built, enterprise-class flash controller that would tightly and transparently integrate with the current Hitachi storage portfolio. The result is a flash-focused controller that synergistically operates with traditional Hitachi storage controller and exploits the rich portfolio of Hitachi storage innovations. This unique flash controller introduces a significant number of flash-focused innovations that optimize the use of MLC NAND flash as an enterprise-class storage system. The 350-plus flash storage patents granted are testament to the advanced innovation accessible in this controller and Hitachi flash leadership.

Key patents for Flash technologies

High performance Cache bypass technology
With FMD or FMD2 media SVOS avoids an extra copy into cache with flash reads and writes using patented “express” I/O processing and optimization with caching algorithms and cache bypass optimized for flash.
Dynamic Tiering/ Active Flash
Dyamic Tiering has flash specific read/write IO profiling, modified tiering algorithms and buffer handling, and the new Active Flash feature that enables real-time elevation to flash of suddenly active data on lower Dynamic Tiering tiers.
Extended life Global wear leveling
Wear leveling is done globally across all modules in a pool of flash modules.
Block write avoidance
Any data stream of all “0s” or “1s” is recognized by the algorithm, in real time, which remaps the data with a pointer. In the case of a parity group format, this technique can deliver up to a 94% savings in storage space.
Flash optimized design FMD architecture
The FMD patented design leverages a high speed, parallelized architecture.

SVOS: Storage Virtualization Operating System
FMD : Flash Module Drive

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Patents supporting our IT platform solutions

The following introduce the patents related to the key technology.

Technology-specific patent portfolio

Hitachi has been researching and developing IT platform solutions over many years, filing patent applications for the results, and maintaining patents of excellent quality and quantity.
The following is one of the patent portfolios we have developed.

“Patent portfolio”refers to a patent asset applied for or owned by a company (applicant).

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