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Document Scanners


Dual Output Trays

Documents can be sorted through the recognition of barcodes, patch codes, or document size.

Four Streams Image Capture

The HT-4165 includes a special capture mode for archival bi-tonal that actually allows up to 4 different images (Duplex: 8 images) to be captured from a single scan.

Archival Bi-Tonal Images

Archival bi-tonal images provide near grayscale picture quality with closer to bi-tonal file sizes.

Custom Color Dropout

The Hitachi HT-4165 allows the user to select the colors to be dropped out from a color curve.


Model Duplex Model
Model No. HT-4165-68 Series
Scanning Speeds *1
(A4 size Landscape)
Simplex 200/300dpi Bi-Tonal 210ppm
Grayscale 210ppm
Color 210ppm
Duplex 200/300dpi Bi-Tonal 420ipm
Grayscale 420ipm
Color 420ipm
Optical Resolution 600dpi
Output Resolution 50 - 600dpi
Document size 52 × 74mm - 305 × 458mm (2.1 × 2.9in. - 12.0 × 18.0in.)
  • * Contact us about scanning a 458mm or more length sheet.
Paper Thickness 41 - 209g/m² (11 - 56lbs.)
Input Tray Capacity 55mm (550 sheets 80g/m² or 21lbs.)
Output Tray Capacity Upper 10mm (100 sheets 80g/m² or 21lbs.)
Lower 55mm (550 sheets 80g/m² or 21lbs.)
Multi Feed Detection Ultrasonic - 1 sensor / 5 sensors (Option) *2
Interface USB3.0 (SuperSpeed)/USB2.0 (Hi-Speed)
Output Format Color: 24 bit
Grayscale: 16 (4 bit)/256 (8bit) levels
Imprinter Sheet Side Front
Back (Option) *2
Number of Printablecharacters Max 38 characters (one location)
Max 17 characters (two locations)
Supported Drivers TWAIN
Supported Operating Systems Windows® 10 Pro (32bit/64bit*)
Windows® 8.1 Pro (32bit/64bit*)
  • * 64 Bit version will operate with the WOW64 (Windows 32-bit On Windows 64-bit)
Dimensions (W × D × H) Non-using extension tray Approx. 485 × 715 × 407mm (19.1 × 28.1 × 16.0 in.)
  • * Excluding Output Trays
Using extension tray Approx. 485 × 980 × 638mm (19.1 × 38.6 × 25.1 in.)
Weight Approx. 43kg (94.8lb.)
Power requirements (auto-switching) AC 100-120V/200-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 235W or less
Environmental Factors Energy Star, RoHS, WEEE
Condition Operation Temp. 10 - 35degrees (Celsius)
Humid. 35 - 70%
Non-operation Temp. -10 - 43degrees (Celsius)
Humid. 8 - 90%
Scanning speed varies with performance of the host systems, application programs, paper quality or other factors.
Scanning speed shown in the table was measured with Hitachi unique test condition.
These options can be specified only at the time of the order.

PC Hard Ware

PC Hard Ware
CPU Intel® Core™i5 processor (3GHz) or above
Memory 2GB or more
Unused Hard Disk Space 3GB or more
Interface USB 3.0 Port (SuperSpeed)
  • * Connection through a USB HUB is not ideal. Please directly connect the Device and the PC
  • * Please use the USB Cable (For 3.0) inside the package sent with the Device. Use of other cables may not guarantee maximum functionality.
  • * Memory expansion may be needed if there are any changes or upgrades to the OS (including the Service Pack). Furthermore, the scanning function may be affected by the environment/setting of the application or the utility in use. (management software, virus security software, etc)

Contact Us

Please contact us for further information on target versions, prerequisites and others.