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ITS Solutions to Realize Safe and Comfortable Urban Area

[image]ITS Solutions to Realize Safe and 
Comfortable Urban Area


Data utilization solutions based on Hitachi’s ITS(*) core technologies aim to solve issues about city and road traffic in global market and other global market and contribute to develop convenient, safe and comfortable city.

  • * ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems

[image]Core technologies
Core technologies

[image]Road traffic management solutions
Road traffic management solutions

Traffic flow monitoring

[image]Traffic flow monitoring

Traffic information provision

[image]Traffic information provision

Road planning support

[image]Road planning support


  • Government: Reduction of traffic jam
  • Citizen: Shortening of travel time
  • Road administrator: Efficient traffic management

[image]Bus management solutionsBus management solutions

Bus operation information provision

[image]Bus operation information provision

Bus operation planning support

[image]Bus operation planning support

Bus route planning support

[image]Bus route planning support


  • Government: Promotion of modal shift
  • Citizen: Improvement of bus usability
  • Bus company: Improvement of profitability

Future vision

We aim not only to solve road traffic issues but also to realize convenient, safe and comfortable city based on Hitachi’s ITS core technologies.

[image]Future vision

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