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Drone Solutions

[image]Drone Solutions[image]Drone Solutions

Accelerating innovations for the sky, we offer total solutions to meet your business and operational needs.

Drone Solutions

From equipment selection through to data management, analysis, and output, Hitachi is able to provide total support. The process starts with PoC without causing any excess involvement by the customer, which also allows anxieties over adoption to be eradicated.

* PoC :Proof of Concept



[image]Support ranging from equipment selection through to consultations

Support ranging from equipment selection
through to consultations

Hitachi provides support in selecting the necessary drones and related equipment in alignment with customers’ needs, as well as in making all arrangements with drone manufacturers, providing imaging advice, managing and analyzing data, and offering flight services.
With Hitachi’s extensive knowledge and experience in the laws and regulations to govern drones, we support our customers to conduct safer flights and system management. We are also able to suggest methods that match up with customer business affairs to manage, analyze, and process the data obtained by drones.

[image]Centralized management of data

Centralized management of data

All data is centrally managed in the cloud, which enables it to be shared, even between multiple sites.
In the case of several business fields being involved, data sharing allows business collaboration and secondary utilization of the data.
Furthermore, use of the cloud service permits flexible responses to data volume modifications and other adjustments that correspond to changes in business situations.

[image]Offering solutions optimized for business

Offering solutions optimized for business

The various functions available allow the data obtained by drones to be analyzed and output to forms and maps, permitting business use without any other processing or preparation of data.
A wide range of solutions adapted to different business and industry categories are available to ensure that optimal solutions are provided for each customer’s business needs.

Drone Solutions

Fields of Application

Surveying and Measurements

Provides more accurate surveying and measuring in short periods of time

Surveys can be conducted in about 30 minutes with the use of drones, and the data obtained can be immediately analyzed and evaluated for business purposes.
Capable of instantaneously responding to situation checks, including matching data with items in-stock and inventories, the system reduces costs by allowing appropriate layout planning of human resources and assets.
In addition, the data can be confirmed from the office remotely, thereby reducing the risks of work-related accidents.

[image]Surveying and Measurements

Infrastructure Inspections

Safer and quicker inspections

Remote control and the automatic operation of drones allow the customer to safely conduct inspections in short periods of time.
Drones are capable of taking shortest-distance routes to dangerous or difficult-to-enter areas, and the inspection results can be confirmed in the office.
The number of personnel required can be minimized, reducing the risks of work-related accidents and allowing efficient examinations and diagnoses.

[image]Infrastructure Inspections


Allows the transportation of supplies even to areas that are difficult to reach

It is possible to continue distribution even in situations in which delivering items manually is difficult.
The system makes it possible to deliver supplies to areas in which transportation is difficult for ground transportation networks, such as mountainous areas and sparsely populated locations, and also to areas where human access is difficult due to disasters.


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