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Reporting Matter

Report on the Business Report, Financial Statements, and Consolidated Financial Statements for the 140th Business Term (from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009), and the results of the audit on the Consolidated Financial Statements by the Accounting Auditors and the Audit Committee

The above matter was reported.

Matters to be resolved

Item No.1:
Reduction of reserves

It was approved as proposed that the capital reserve of 270,763,047,887 yen and the earned surplus reserve of 70,438,513,591 yen be reduced and the reduced amounts of reserves be allocated to "other capital surpuls" and "other retained earnings", respectively.
Reduction of reserves shall become effective on July 31, 2009 after the term of submission of creditor objections is expired.

Item No.2:
Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation

It was approved as proposed. The company made necessary deletion, amendment, etc. to the clauses and wording of the related stipulation in the Articles of Incorporation following the enforcement of "The Law for Partial Amendment to the Law Concerning Book-Entry Transfer of Corporate Bonds and Other Securities for the Purpose of Rationalizing of the Settlement for Trades of Stocks and Other Securities(Law No.88 of 2004)".

Item No.3:
Election of 12 Directors due to expiration of the term of office of all directors

These following persons were elected and assumed their offices forthwith.

  • Tadamichi Sakiyama
  • Takashi Kawamura
  • Michiharu Nakamura
  • Takashi Miyoshi
  • Yoshie Ota
  • Mitsuo Ohashi
  • Akihiko Nomiyama
  • Kenji Miyahara
  • Tohru Motobayashi
  • Takeo Ueno
  • Shungo Dazai
  • Michihiro Honda

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