*Regarding the diagnostic imaging-related business in Hitachi, Ltd., and its subsidiaries and affiliates,
a new company will be established and the business will be transferred to FUJIFILM Corporation.
Successful candidates in the field of diagnostic imaging systems will join Fujifilm Healthcare Co., Ltd., not Hitachi, Ltd.


We are contributing to create a society where everyone can live a healthy, secure and safe life, using the Hitachi Group's innovative technology.

Significant changes are taking place in the environment@surrounding the medical and health care fields, including the@rapid aging of society, increase in lifestyle-related diseases,@and increase in national health care expenditures. In addition, solutions are being sought to address a wide range of issues faced by developed countries such as increased medical expenditure, increased geriatric and chronic diseases, the expanded scope of healthcare including prevention and prognosis, and increased use of advanced medical and information technology, to issues faced by developing countries such as widening regional disparities in healthcare standards, the need to reduce healthcare costs, and the shortage of funds and healthcare professionals. Health care is an essential infrastructure for society in the 21st century, and we are focusing on meeting diverse healthcare needs using advanced IT and medical technologies. We will help build a society where everyone can live a healthy, secure and safe life by bringing the Hitachi Group's innovative technology to customers' lives.

We are contributing to create a society where everyone can live a healthy, secure and safe life, using the Hitachi Group's innovative technology.


  • Diagnostic Imaging Systems Field

    *Regarding the diagnostic imaging-related business in Hitachi, Ltd., and its subsidiaries and affiliates, a new company will be established and the business will be transferred to FUJIFILM Corporation.
    Successful candidates in the field of diagnostic imaging systems will join Fujifilm Healthcare Co., Ltd., not Hitachi, Ltd.
    We are engaged in development, design, and sales of medical devices such as diagnostic ultrasound systems, MRI systems, CT scanners, and X-ray diagnostic equipment. We also provide total services in the healthcare field, including offering solutions to support more efficient hospital management. In addition, by applying digital technologies such as AI, big data, and IoT to diagnostic imaging for medical use, we aim at the realization of more efficient and advanced examinations on the whole, focusing on diagnostic imaging.

    Diagnostic Imaging Systems Field
  • Xenodiagnosis & Analysis Systems Field

    We carry out design/development and sales for blood examination devices and radiation measurement devices.
    Blood examinations, which analyze components of blood and urine, etc., produce indices for diagnosis and observation of the passage of convalescence, etc. Sample pre-treatment devices, which bring together sample pre-treatment processes such as sample opening, dispensing and labeling of sub-samples, etc., contribute to speedy provision of clinical examination results by accelerating high-precision dispensing.
    Radiation measurement devices that numericalize radiation, which is not visible, support safety management of radiation in various facilities that handle radiation, such as nuclear power plants, research institutes, hospitals, etc.

    Xenodiagnosis & Analysis Systems Field
  • Healthcare IT Field

    We support healthcare environments with greater accuracy and safety using technology with advanced IT and networks.

    Healthcare IT Field
  • Advanced Medical Systems/Large-scale Academic Research Equipment Field

    A particle beam therapy system is one of the advanced therapies in cancer treatment using radiation. Irradiation on affected areas utilizing dose concentration known as Bragg peak minimizes burden of a patient receiving treatment and maintains their quality of life. Based on the accelerator element technology and plant control technology cultivated by Hitachi, we develop advanced technologies for cancer treatment together with our customers within Japan and abroad, and provide them as treatment systems.
    In the large-scale academic research equipment field, we design and build accelerators, superconducting devices, and equipment for nuclear fusion experiments, thus spurring the progress of cutting-edge research.

    Advanced Medical Systems/Large-scale Academic Research Equipment Field


  • Product Development

    Our design and development divisionfs main pursuit is the ongoing exploration of new technology and new techniques to meet the needs of our world. This work ranges from product planning, concept design, specifications and price review, prototyping, safety and quality assessment, documentation, and finally to production design. All the while, Hitachi actively pursues joint research with university hospitals and continues to present scholarly publications.

  • System Engineer(SE)

    In the healthcare IT field, the role of this job is to think of, flesh out and implement solutions together with customers to resolve their issues while leveraging advanced IT and networks. We aim for healthy community development by supporting regional comprehensive care, deploying hospital equipment and optimizing operations to help improve management efficiency, thereby resolving issues together with our customers and through the effective use of various healthcare data.

  • Application Specialist

    Medical technologists or clinical laboratory technicians with knowledge of medical equipment and who are familiar with its use demonstrate and explain our products at medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics considering the introduction of a product. Hitachi is dedicated to supporting sales and development from the clinical standpoint.

  • Technical Sales

    We listen to customers to identify the technical challenges to be solved in order to meet the customer's needs, playing a critical role in responding to our customers hand in hand with relevant departments in design, manufacturing, production technology, quality assurance and human resources placement.

  • Quality Assurance

    We check whether the product meets customer requirements, and whether the quality is good enough for providing. We play a role as the final keeper of MONOZUKURI who guarantees the product is safe and secure.


¡ Diagnostic Imaging Systems Field

*Regarding the diagnostic imaging-related business in Hitachi, Ltd., and its subsidiaries and affiliates, a new company will be established and the business will be transferred to FUJIFILM Corporation.
Successful candidates in the field of diagnostic imaging systems will join Fujifilm Healthcare Co., Ltd., not Hitachi, Ltd.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems

As a pioneer that developed the world's first Diagnostic Ultrasound System, we have been developing the technology to meet customer's needs.
A diagnostic ultrasound system is a diagnostic imaging system that places less burden on the patient because there is no pain and no radiation exposure during examination. Diagnosis is made in real time, and the beating of the heart and the movement of a fetus is displayed. Being a relatively small and mobile diagnostic imaging system, Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems is used for examination anywhere, not only at medical institutions but also disaster affected sites. Our great strength is being able to provide disease-specific solutions that are helpful at medical care sites aimed at improving diagnosis/cure rates of RVS*1, which combines volume data from a patientf s CT scan, MRI, and diagnostic ultrasound system and high-resolution images with real-time ultrasound, and RTE*2, which visualizes relative tissue stiffness in real time.

*1 Real-time Virtual Sonography@*2 Real-time Tissue Elastography

Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Systems and Smart Operating Room Solutions

This diagnostic equipment provides imaging of the water content (hydrogen nucleus) inside the body, using the force of magnets and electromagnetic waves. There is a broad line-up of systems, from the open type with proprietary technology using permanent magnets to a super-conductive 3-tesla system. Features include zero radiation exposure and the ability to obtain form images in addition to functional images of the living organism. From the perspective of being gentle to patients, this is driving the global open MRI market.

"Smart operating room" solution
using open MRI equipment Open MRI equipment was introduced in 1999 at neurosurgery operating rooms.
Thanks to an image guide that tracked brain tissue movement after open surgery, it became possible to provide support for advanced surgical operations to remove brain tumors.
Open MRI equipment in particular can be installed inside operating rooms, and there is minimal patient movement distance while performing open brain surgery, so in terms of safety it is possible to reduce the occurrence of incidents.
Also, with a surgical operation navigation system that displays the position of operating tools in images, there is support for doctors to accurately ascertain the operating position.
Hitachi is working to refine the evolution of image guidance surgical support systems through co-creation with various surgical device manufacturers.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Systems and Smart Operating Room Solutions

X-ray Diagnostic Equipment and CT Diagnostic Equipment

X-ray equipment is essential at medical care sites. At present, since X-ray images can be output as digital images by means of CR*, it is possible to check the images right away. Hitachi has used CR to develop Japan's first mobile X-ray equipment, and has produced environments in which digital imaging is possible at any time, any place, including hospital rooms, operating rooms and ICU, etc. Also, multi-purpose imaging systems with built-in flat panel detectors are further expanding the scope of X-ray examinations for alimentary canal and endoscope examinations, etc.

*CR: Computed Radiography More than 40 years since Hitachi developed the first CT equipment for cranial use to be produced in Japan, CT equipment is now being rapidly improved in terms of spatial resolution and density resolution, and the scope of imaging is reaching a wide range of bodies. Hitachifs CT equipment achieves further high speed and high resolution thanks to Hitachifs proprietary hardware/software design. It is now possible not only to perform so-called slice imaging, but also to display 3D images and produce MPR images (multiplanar reconstruction images).

X-ray Diagnostic Equipment and CT Diagnostic Equipment

¡ Xenodiagnosis & Analysis System Field

Clinical Laboratory Systems

Clinical laboratory tests are indicated diagnosis and follow-up care after treatments, etc. by analyzing components of samples such as blood and urine. Our products include a sample preparation system that covers the entire process of pretreatment, from the uncapping and dispensing of samples to the labeling of child specimens. We meet various needs with Hitachi's outstanding technology, for example, in high-speed, highly accurate dispensing, automating the supply of containers for daughter specimens, and supporting recovery treatment.

Clinical Laboratory Systems

Radiation Measurement Devices

Through design/development and sales for radiation measurement devices, we support the safety management of radiation in nuclear facilities, universities, research institutes, hospitals, etc. Radiation measurement devices that leverage cutting-edge technology boast an extensive lineup ranging from pocket-sized compact devices to multifunctional large-scale equipment that integrates total data processing capabilities. Since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, they have been helpful in many fields as standard radiation measuring instruments within Japan.

Radiation Measurement Devices

¡ Healthcare IT Field

Cloud-based Health Support Services

This cloud-based health support service aims to reduce the risk of lifestyle disease by reducing visceral fat.
This is a program that repels metabolic syndrome and acquires healthy life habits, exhibiting effects not only on diets, but also in Health Management* through data health/collaborative health linked with physical examination data, as well as promoting the health of employees, and in the limiting of medical expenses through reduction of disease risk. With a PC and an Internet environment, anyone can use this as an easily sustainable diet, and it is already used by many organizations and companies.

*Health Management is a registered trademark of NPO Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Cloud-based Health Support Services

Clinical Examination Information Systems

Large volumes of samples are handled at large-scale hospitals and clinical examination centers, and these must be received quickly, progressing from examination/results confirmation to reporting/requesting work without delay, as well as guaranteeing the quality of examinations. Optimization of management tasks is another issue, requiring systems that can enable uniform management of all examination work. Hitachi's gLavolute 8h clinical examination system for medical institutions supports optimization of reporting to medical examination departments by automating the processing of examination data from high-speed examination devices that are able to process large volumes of data. It also features various data check functions and precision management functions, etc. to safely manage examination data with peace of mind.
Furthermore, this system looks to a future of data integrated management with functions for cooperation between locations and online results transmission, as well as beneficial use of examination data between group hospitals and examination center-related facilities, etc., and can expected to be put to use in community healthcare cooperation, etc.

Clinical Examination Information Systems

Hospital Management Support Service

This service supports increased efficiency of management by tackling equipment installation and management optimization as a Hitachi partner for the management issues faced by hospitals. With image diagnosis center management support, long-term business plans are drafted through hospital management objectives. The latest equipment models are introduced as Hitachi assets, and support staff are dispatched to support image diagnosis related issue resolution both inside and outside hospitals. By making this service such that fees are contingent upon success, Hitachi provides long-term support until achievement of management objectives together with hospitals.

Hospital Management Support Service

¡ Advanced Medical Systems/Large-scale Academic Research Equipment Field

Particle Beam Medical Treatment Systems

We design, build, operate and maintain systems for particle beam therapies used to treat cancer. Particle beam therapy (proton beam, carbon-ion beam, etc.) is a form of cancer treatment using radiation. Since there is almost no pain from this treatment, and it has fewer side-effects than other forms of radiation therapy, treatment can coexist alongside social life, and it is being noticed as one of the leading therapies that can treat cancer while maintaining a high QoL (Quality of Life), with further increases to be expected. Hitachi's spot scanning exposure technology can irradiate even complex tumors to suitable high-precision proton beams, minimizing effects on the normal position.
Furthermore, by combining with motion tracking irradiation technology, it has become possible to perform high-precision irradiation even on affected parts whose position changes due to breathing, etc. The gPROBEATh proton beam cancer treatment system, which is one of Hitachi's mainline products, is currently installed at facilities within Japan and abroad and is contributing to cutting-edge cancer treatment. Going forwards, we will use co-creation with customers to promote development of solutions providing treatment plan decision support and prediction of conditions after treatment, etc. through database formation and AI analysis based on radiation therapy information, etc.

Particle Beam Treatment Systems

Equipment for Nuclear Fusion Experiments

We spur the progress of cutting-edge research by designing, building, operating and maintaining devices on experimental equipment such as Japan Torus-60 (JT-60), a quantum technology research and development apparatus installed at Naka Fusion Institute of Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan), and Large Helical Device (LHD) at the National Institute for Fusion Science (Japan).

Equipment for Nuclear Fusion Experiments

Nuclear Fusion Experiment Equipment Large Helical Device (LHD)

Devices for High Energy Physics Research

Hitachi is working on developing technology for particle accelerators to drive the latest scientific advances. In particular, Hitachi is involved in large particle accelerator projects such as Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) (JAEA), High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and Super-KEKB (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization), developing technology for key devices such as electromagnets and accelerating cavities. Our efforts also focus on development of superconducting accelerating cavities that apply superconducting technology.

Devices for High Energy Physics Research

Research Accelerator (J-PARC 50 GeV Synchrotron)


Global Expansion

Hitachifs healthcare-related technology is used not only within Japan but is also widely used overseas.
We are recognized as the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers and solution provider, and our technologies and activities are always the subject of attention even at academic conferences and exhibitions held overseas. Currently the Healthcare Business is expanding globally from 5 poles in the Americas, Europe, China, Asia and Turkey, and our business strategy is developing in accordance with regional characteristics. We will promote development of services and solutions having excellent added value by reinforcing partnerships with noted hospitals and research institutions in countries with advanced healthcare. In emerging nations, we are expanding the solutions businesses that have achieved results in Japan, and are contributing to improvement of healthcare infrastructure.
We will continue to contribute to the provision of better healthcare to individual patients and construction of sustainable social security systems through development/provision of excellent products and services by means of co-creation with advanced companies and healthcare organizations in each country.

World-leading Particle Beam Medical Treatment Systems

Hitachi has led the global market for particle beam therapy through innovations such as spot scanning and motion tracking. The market for the particle beam therapy system, which is one of the cutting-edge cancer treatments, is expanding from Japan, the United States and Europe to China, Asia and other regions. Hitachi's particle beam therapy system has already been installed at many global top-class medical institutions in Japan and the United States. We developed a small proton beam therapy system (hereinafter referred to as a 1G (One Gantry) compact system) especially in order to have a single treatment room (gantry-type treatment room with 360-degree rotation) in order to respond to the likely future need for a particle beam therapy system for general hospitals. Compared with conventional systems, the 1G compact system has a smaller installation space and minimized installation cost and time. From now on, we provide the cutting-edge proton beam therapy systems to more healthcare institutions, and contribute to cancer treatment on a global scale.

World-leading Particle Beam Medical Treatment Systems



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