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Full time internship


Application Requirements 2016
Application Requirement

Applicant must meet all of the following requirements;

  1. Meet one of the following requirements.
    (a) Be currently enrolled in a doctoral course at a four-year university.
    (b) Who have acquired doctoral degree and are conducting research activities in laboratories such as universities as postdoctoral fellows.
    (c) Be currently enrolled in the undergraduate, master or doctor's program of domestic or international four-year university abroad.
  2. Possess a specific skill or experience required for a research subject applied for.
  3. Sign a pledge of compliances to working regulations and confidentiality prior to the start of internship.
  4. Have an insurance, for both of liability and accident, effective during internship.
* Please purchase the above-required insurance on your own responsibility;
from any insurance company or university coop.
Please bring a copy of the insurance certificate on the first day of internship.
* Who are enrolled at a university abroad and can not join insurance, please consult in advance.
Job Category
  1. Engineering: Research Development, etc.
Period Define for each research subject. (Who want Individually adjustable, please consult in advance.)
  1. Travel expense (in Japan): Travel expense for commuting and other travels incurred in internship, including a travel between a current residence and a company-provided temporary accommodation*, will be paid by Company.
  2. Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided for those who can not commute to the assigned workplace from a current residence.
  3. Compensation**: No salary or monetary compensation will be paid.
Daily allowance of 1,000 JPY per working day will be paid for your lunch. * Expenses will be paid for domestic travel only. * Expenses will be paid stipulated by Hitachi. ** Hitachi will pay 100,000 JPY per a month as an allowance for post doctor. However, if you participate in the program under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's ""Postdoctoral Internship Promotion Project"", no allowance will be paid. ** If you live abroad and have no place of residence in Japan, Hitachi will pay the expenses required for your daily life based on our regulations.
How to Apply
  1. Click on LOG-IN on the right-hand shoulder to enter the required information.
  2. Choose a research subject of your choice.
* Please note that any submitted document or picture will not be returned. Confidentiality of your personal information will be strictly protected.
Closing Date Define for each research subject.
Screening Application will be screened at a laboratory/office of the research subject applied for;
First screening: Document (Entry sheet and web test)
Second screening: Interview (Phone or web interview is available for those in a remote location)
* Some research subjects may require two interviews.

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