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Application Requirements 2016
Application Requirement

Applicant must meet all of the following requirements;

  1. Be currently enrolled in the undergraduate, master or doctor's program of domestic or international four-year university or technical college.
  2. Possess a specific skill or experience required for a research subject applied for.
  3. Sign a pledge of compliances to working regulations and confidentiality prior to the start of internship.
  4. Have an insurance, for both of liability and accident, effective during internship.
* Please purchase the above-required insurance on your own responsibility; from any insurance company or university coop.
Please bring a copy of the insurance certificate on the first day of internship.
* Who are enrolled at a university abroad and can not join insurance, please consult in advance.
Job Category
(Results of 2017)
  1. Engineering: Research Development, Design Development, Production Engineering, Quality Assurance, System Engineering, Intellectual Property Management, etc.
  2. Business/IT Solution: System Engineering, etc.
* If you are a science major and a System Engineering candidate, please apply for 1. Engineering.
Period Late July to late September, 2017
* Approximately one to three weeks are scheduled; varied with the research subject.
Location Across the country; mostly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama or Ibaraki.
* Internship location varies with the research subject.
  1. Travel expense (in Japan): Travel expense for commuting and other travels incurred in internship, including a travel between a current residence and a company-provided temporary accommodation*, will be paid by Company.
  2. Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided for those who can not commute to the assigned workplace from a current residence.
  3. Compensation: No salary or monetary compensation will be paid.
    Daily allowance of 1,000 JPY per working day will be paid for your lunch.
* Expenses will be paid for domestic travel only.
* Expenses will be paid stipulated by Hitachi.
How to Apply
  1. Click on LOG-IN on the right-hand shoulder to enter the required information.
  2. Choose a research subject of your choice.
* Please note that any submitted document or picture will not be returned.
Confidentiality of your personal information will be strictly protected.
Closing Date Monday, July 10th, 2017, at 12:00 a.m. <CLOSED>
Screening Application will be screened at a laboratory/office of the research subject applied for;
First screening: Document (Entry sheet and web test)
Second screening: Interview (Phone or web interview is available for those in a remote location)
* Some research subjects may require two interviews.

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