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summer Internship is closed. Hitachi's internship is meant provide students with work experience and will not influence the recruitment selection in job application.

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I want to test my skills in the top company
I want to find out what I need to study now in order to make my dreams come true!
I want to work with top engineers!
Hitachi’s internship allows interns to try their hand at research and development and practical business in the actual workplace. Experience how fun, rewarding and challenging it is to work at Hitachi which boasts world-class technologies. We look forward to seeing you challenge yourself.

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The Internship program

Internship Schedule

Summer internship:Internship Period Beginning Late Jul. – Late Sep.
 Winter internship:Internship Period Beginning Mid Jan. - Late Feb.

Application Guidelines (Summer internship)

Application Guidelines (Winter internship)

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Hitachi Review
Since its first publication in 1952, Hitachi Review has been introducing the world to Hitachi technology from a diverse range of fields.

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