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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

Patents supporting Virtual Storage Platform G Series are introduced in relation to the description in the link below.
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GET I.T. Ability and Agility That Defy Expectations

Flash-optimized virtual storage platforms deliver high performance, resiliency and a software-defined infrastructure for faster innovation and improved business outcomes.


Advanced Storage for All Organizations

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G Series of flash-accelerated storage systems offers the ultimate in enterprise storage technology. Built on 20 years of experience and an industry-leading 4,000+ storage patents, the VSP G Series provides unparalleled performance, efficiency and reliability.

Key features and benefits

Run Applications at Peak Performance

Deliver high IOPS of flash-accelerated performance.
Maintain quick response time even at PB scale.
Automatically maximize performance in real-time with Hitachi Dynamic Tiering active flash.
U.S. patents: US8,880,830PDF  US8,918,609PDF
Virtualize and manage all storage from a single view.
Automate application-specific provisioning in seconds.
Nondisruptively migrate data with no application downtime.
U.S. patents: US7,177,991PDF  US8,572,352PDF  US8,904,133PDF

Eliminate Risks

Improve business continuity with active-active clustering via global active device.
U.S. patent: US8,943,286PDF
Meet tight service level agreements and standardize data protection.
Utilize high data availability guarantee.
Industry-standard XTS-AES-256 bit encryption support.

Best-in-Class Efficiency

Reduce bitcost for stored data by compressing data.
U.S. patent: US8,898,384PDF

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