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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

Patent Portfolio(#1) for Hitachi Universal Replicator

As a result of R&D in our stand-alone technology: Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) , Hitachi has obtained more than 100 U.S. patents and Japanese patents, and has constructed a patent portfolio for HUR.

HUR provides storage array-based replication for Hitachi storage environments. Versatile Universal Replicator software also delivers asynchronous, low-latency performance, with key features such as disk-based journal and multi-target or cascade configuration capabilities. As a result, it executes replication of small, extremely large, or heterogeneous data volumes quickly and efficiently as compared to server host-side replication approaches. With a pair of HUR licenses, or when paired with Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication software, you have the power and flexibility to plan 2, 3, or potentially 4 remote data center configuration possibilities for data protection disaster recovery, business continuity, or data migration purposes.

Below, we introduce the key technology in our patent portfolio for HUR, including the technology for the 2 data center configuration, and the 3 data center configuration.

3 data center configuration

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3 data center configuration US8,495,014 US8,375,004

“Patent portfolio” refers to a patent asset applied for or owned by a company (applicant).
Recovery Point Objective
The patent numbers listed here are U.S. patent numbers.

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