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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

“N+1 Cold Standby” that realizes quick restart of operation in case of failure and “3D Airflow Structure” that ensures stable operation by improving the cooling capability are implemented in a server in Hitachi Compute Blade 500. These technologies are Hitachi’s patented technologies.

N+1 Cold Standby

For systems that require availability, a backup server blade is needed for each operation server blade, which resulted in an extra equipment investment. However, Compute Blade can reduce cost while securing the system availability by simply providing minimum number of backup server blades for multiple operation server blades. All the necessary server blade configurations such as OS, web server and application server are stored in a storage, and in case of failure, a path to the disk is automatically switched to a backup server blade to resume operations quickly.

3D Airflow Structure

3D Airflow Structure is developed to emit heat from a horizontal hole to a cooling fan by directly providing fresh air from an air duct at the front lower of chassis to a switch module at the back side so that a switch module, which is a heat generating source, is cooled effectively. This system guarantees operation environment up to 40 degrees Celsius, contributing to the reduction in power consumption of air-conditioning systems.

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