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Hitachi Storage Solutions

Hitachi Storage Solutions

For the Best Business and Infrastructure Environment


A complex technology and application environment supports your business and the data that drives it. Hitachi, Ltd. offers solutions to share, protect, move and preserve data inside, outside and across company walls for maximum business benefit.
We know how to put your business and application environment at its best with just the right combination of hardware, software and services.

Storage lineup

High-end: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1000)

VSP G1000

Enabling the Continuous Cloud Infrastructure

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 provides the always-available, agile and automated foundation needed for a trusted continuous-cloud infrastructure. Powered with Hitachi global storage virtualization, its new software capabilities unlock IT agility and enable the lowest storage TCO.

  • Maximum capacity (raw): Internal 4,511TB, External 287PB
  • HDD: Flash Drive: 400GB(2.5-inch)/800GB(2.5-inch)
    • SAS 2.5-inch: 300GB/600GB/900GB/1.2TB
    • NL-SAS 3.5-inch: 4TB
  • Virtualization: Global virtualization, Dynamic Tiering, Dynamic Provisioning, External Storage
  • AC power: 200V

High-end: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)


Gain Optimal Infrastructure Growth in All Dimensions

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. It is the only enterprise storage architecture that flexibly adapts for performance, capacity and multivendor storage. Combined with unique Hitachi Command Suite management software, it transforms the data center.

  • Maximum capacity (raw): Internal 5,012TB, External 287PB
  • HDD: Flash Drive: 200GB/400GB/800GB(SSD), 1.6TB/3.2TB(FMD)
    • SAS 2.5-inch: 146GB/300GB/600GB/900GB/1.2TB
    • SATA 3.5-inch: 2TB
    • NL-SAS 3.5-inch: 2TB/3TB/4TB
  • Virtualization: Dynamic Tiering, Dynamic Provisioning, External Storage
  • AC power: 200V

Mid-range: Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) VM


Virtualize, Manage and Unify All Data Types

Hitachi Unified Storage VM can manage all of your existing storage and consolidate all of your data in a single, virtualized platform to ease the management of information. Hitachi Unified Storage VM is built with trusted Hitachi reliability for application availability, performance and lower cost of ownership. Delivering enterprise storage virtualization in a unified platform lets you manage information more efficiently.

  • Maximum capacity: Internal 4,511TB, External 72PB
  • HDD: Flash Drive 2.5-inch: 400GB/800GB
    • Flash Module: 1.6TB/3.2TB
    • SAS: 300GB/600GB/900GB/1.2TB(2.5-inch), 3TB/4TB(3.5-inch)
  • Virtualization: Dynamic Tiering, Dynamic Provisioning, External Storage
  • AC power: 200V

Mid-range: Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) 100 Family

HUS100 Family

Consolidate for Savings

Hitachi Unified Storage redefines unified storage. With trusted Hitachi reliability, it helps you meet application availability and performance requirements with lower investment. Deploy storage for all data types and easily grow to meet expanding requirements and service level objectives for critical business applications. Simplify operations with easy to use management and is part of a robust portfolio of storage solutions that can be managed from a single interface for optimal management efficiency.

  • Maximum capacity: 3,758.3TB (HUS150)
  • HDD: Flash Drive 2.5-inch: 200GB/400GB/800GB
    • Flash Module: 1.6TB
    • SAS: 300GB/600GB/900GB/1.2TB(2.5-inch), 2TB/3TB/4TB(3.5-inch)
  • Virtualization: Dynamic Provisioning, Dynamic Tiering
  • Unified management: Multi-protocol support
  • AC power: 100V / 200V

High-end file platform: Hitachi NAS Platform(HNAS)


Unlock the Business Value in Unstructured Data

Hitachi, Ltd. leverages a virtualized storage pool to offer an integrated storage family to store and manage all block, file and content data. For enterprises, it leads to significant cost savings, operational efficiencies and risk mitigation for legal discovery.
Dynamic tiering, active archiving and content-aware search capabilities simplify unstructured data management. It also automatically moves data to more cost-effective tiers and reduces backup capacity. These collective capabilities lower total cost of storage ownership for organizations across all industries, from healthcare and telecommunications to manufacturing, energy and utilities.

  • Gateway model
  • Maximum capacity: 16PB(raw)(NAS4080)
    *depended on connected storage
  • Maximum file system: 64
  • Maximum file systems size: 256TB
  • Maximum storage pool size: 1PB
  • I/O interface: Standard: Ethernet port 10GbE x4(RJ-45)
  • Storage Interface: Fibre Channel port 8Gbps x4(SFP)
  • AC power: 100V / 200V

Virtual file platform: Hitachi Virtual File Platform(VFP) Hitachi Conternt Platform Anywhere (HCP)


File and Content Solutions

Hitachi Virtual File Platform and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) enables cosolidate contents data such as email, graphics, video pictures, and others to unify the management of those data, and to make use of storage capacity flexibly for your contents cloud.

  • Gateway model: VFP200N / VFP600N / HCP
  • Entry model: VFP50
  • Storage set model: VFP110
  • Gateway model (VFP):
  • Node: Single or 2-Node Cluster
  • Maximum capacity: 15PB(raw)
    *depended on connected storage
  • Maximum I/O interface: GbE x16, or GbE x8 + 10GbE x4, or 10GbE x8
  • Maximum Storage Interface: Fibre Channel port x8
  • AC power: 100V / 200V

HCP Anywhere

  • Gateway model (HCP):
  • Node: 4-Node Cluster or 8-Node Cluster
  • Maximum capacity: 1,003.3TB(raw)
  • Maximum I/O interface: GbE x16
  • Maximum Storage Interface: Fibre Channel port x16
  • AC power: 100V / 200V
  • Entry model:
  • Node: Single
  • Maximum capacity: 36PB(raw)
  • Maximum I/O interface: GbE x10, or GbE x6 + 10GbE x2
  • AC power: 100V / 200V
  • Storage set model:
  • Node: Single or 2-Node Cluster
  • Maximum capacity: 469.7TB(raw)
  • Maximum I/O interface: GbE x8, or 10GbE x4
  • Maximum Storage Interface: Fibre Channel port x4
  • AC power: 100V / 200V

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