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October 18, 2017

Hitachi, Ltd. and KDDI Hong Kong Enter into a Distributor Agreement for the Operations Support Tool "Hitachi System Operation"

  Hitachi, Ltd. (hereinafter, Hitachi) and KDDI Hong Kong, an overseas subsidiary of KDDI, have entered into a distributor agreement that will allow KDDI Hong Kong to sell Hitachi's operations support tool Hitachi System Operation in Asia and other regions of the world.
  Hitachi System Operation manages system operations, and can be used to control multiple servers at once. This tool simplifies and speeds up operations by eliminating the need for users to enter complicated commands and by enabling them to execute processing with only the click of a mouse. This tool also enables users to assign operating permissions and collect audit trails. Hitachi System Operation has already been deployed and is currently being used to streamline system operations and enhance compliance at many financial institutions and other organizations in Japan.
  This distributor agreement, under which KDDI Hong Kong will sell Hitachi System Operation, is intended to expand sales channels for this product in global markets.
  Hitachi will continue to provide integrated system solutions, including this product. In doing so, the Company will respond flexibly to the increasingly diverse needs of financial institutions, and help financial institutions both in Japan and overseas improve the quality of the services they provide and streamline their business operations.

About Hitachi System Operation

This product is marketed under the name Ioperation in Japan and as Hitachi System Operation in other countries. Hitachi System Operation demonstrates excellence in usability, speed, and security, providing support for every aspect of a system that might require manual operations. For more information, please visit the product website.

About KDDI Hong Kong

KDDI Hong Kong is one of KDDI's regional subsidiaries and was launched to provide support for customers who do business worldwide. Established in 1988, KDDI Hong Kong provides comprehensive solutions by utilizing their expertise in networks, data centers, and system integration. KDDI Hong Kong provides seamless services through collaboration with other subsidiaries in mainland China (Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, and Guangzhou), Taiwan Region, and South Korea. For more information, please visit the KDDI Hong Kong website.

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