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Finance Solutions

Global Business

The Hitachi Group Approach

The Hitachi Group is a business partner to financial institutions, providing high-quality IT solutions to help its customers develop their global business.

The Hitachi Group supports its customers' global business through the integration of superior products and services, such storage products and ATM services that have impressive track records, and through its wealth of experience in creating large-scale mission-critical systems in Japan.
To satisfy its customers' medium-term and long-term needs, Hitachi Group is entering new business areas and obtaining regional portfolios through acquisitions, such as through the take-over of eBworx Bhd. (currently Hitachi eBworx Sdn. Bhd.), a company with proven experience in developing applications for financial institutions in the ASEAN region.

IT Platform Solutions

Major Japanese financial institutions are engaged in the strengthening of their global businesses and IT governance through the standardization of IT platforms. By integrating their worldwide IT infrastructure and providing the most advanced IT platforms, the major Japanese financial institutions use IT to support accelerated development of global business and, at the same time, they aim to strengthen IT governance and reduce security risks.
The Hitachi Group conducts account-based marketing. Engineers in Japan work closely with sites overseas to provide, through server integration, storage integration, and cloud services, solutions and services that best match customers' needs. The Hitachi Group also provides quality and project management in Japan and overseas in response to requests from Japanese customers.

Internet Channel Solutions

As corporations go even more global, the Internet Channel, which is free of location and time restrictions, has become more important than ever.
The Hitachi Group provides Internet Channel solutions, which have already been adopted by major financial institutions outside Japan, to support customers' global development. The Hitachi Group offers the Digital Transaction Banker* cash management system to corporations and the Digital Retail Internet Banking* system to individual customers. Both systems support multiple currencies, multiple languages, and multiple calendars.

Digital Transaction Banker and Digital Retail Internet Banking are products of Hitachi eBworx.