9Method of Installing Language-Pack

When the Language-Pack Become Necessary

Depending on the language in which the page is written, you may need to install the corresponding Language-Pack in order to use "Text-To-Speech" function.
"ZoomSight" will display the following message when the installation of the Language-Pack become necessary.

Figure: Explanation figure that shows that installing the Language-Pack is necessary

Installation of Language-Pack

If you want to use "Text-To-Speech" function, please follow instructions below to install the corresponding Language-Pack.

Step 1: Click the [Install] button

Figure: Operation figure of step1

Step 2: Download the Language-Pack

Figure: Operation figure of step2 shows that it is downloading
NOTE: Download time depends on the type of Language-Pack and the network speed.
  Please wait until the download is completed.

Step 3: When the following security warning appears during installing, please confirm the warning message. If you are sure to install, please click the [Install] button

Figure: Operation figure of step3

Step 4: If the installation is successful, the "Text-To-Speech" function will be available

Figure: Operation figure of step4

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