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My Summer Vacation


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I didn't visit the 1999 European Go Congress this summer. Instead I went to teach at the summer camp of junior and senior high school students, and also that of university students.
I ended up with the third place in the All Japan Amateur Honinbo Tournament, but one of my students, Marie Unegawa won the All Japan High School Girls' Championship.
Besides enjoying Go, I walked in the Japan Alps, wearing the cap I got when I visited the European Go Cultural Centre last year. The cap says, "Go, the game" with a design of some black and white stones smiling. I hope that the day will come when Go will be enjoyed out in the open air also in this country.
With Mt. Tateyama in the far left back
On top of Mt. Mitsumatarenge
What is missing here?
A Go board and stones. Thirty years ago I enjoyed Go at the camp site just under this peak, surrounded by the grandeur of the Japan Alps.
On a peak of Mt. Tateyama
This is where I walked 35 years ago, in 1964, when I won the both big titles, Amateur Meijin and Honinbo. That was the best year in my life.
With Marie Unegawa, Yuta Takizawa(Winner of the 1st Junior Kawai Cup), and other members of my school Minoru-Kai.
In the center of the back row is Kentaro Nagao, a gold medal winner of International Mathematics Olympiad this and last year.
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