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Answers No.616

February 11, 2008
Problems and answers (PDF format, 616_e.pdf, 231KB)

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Problems No.616

Elementary level



correct answer diagram
Black 7 : throws in at  Black 1
White 8 : takes at  Black 3
White 12 : connects at  Black 1
Black 1 to 7 are a set of Tesuji.
If White 12, Black captures White with 13.
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Intermediate level



correct answer diagram
White 12 : takes at  White 2
White 13 : retakes at  Black 11
Black 1, 3 and 5 are crucial to kill White with the moves to 13.

Wrong Answer

wrong answer diagram Black 1 allows White to get a Ko with 6.
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Problems No.616

Answers No.616
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