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(No. 224: Aug. 7, 2000)

Elementary level: Answer

Black 1 is crucial.
If White 2, Black lives with 3 to 7.
If White 2 at 4, Black lives with 5.
If White 2 at 5, Black lives with 4.

Elementary level:Answer

Elementary level: Wrong Answer

Black 1 is wrong.
White plays 2, and there is
no way that Black can live.
If Black 3, White 4 kills Black.

Elementary level: Wrong Answer

Intermediate level: Answer

Black 1 to 3 is a Tesuji that
creates "Under the Stone."
After White 8, to the next diagram.

Elementary level: Answer

Intermediate level: Answer (Continued)

Black lives with 9,
capturing the six White stones
in "Under the Stone."

Elementary level: Answer (Continued)

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