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(No. 143: Jan. 18, 1999)

Elementary level: Answer

Black 1 is the vital point of the center of this symmetrical shape.
If White 2, Black plays 3. White cannot do anything
more and dies, because it is short of liberties.
If White 2 at 3, Black 2 kills White in the same way.

Elementary level: Wrong Answer

Black 1 is wrong. White lives with the moves to 4.

Intermediate level: Answer

Black 1 is crucial. After White 2, Black lives with 3.

Intermediate level: Wrong Answer 1

Black 1 is wrong. White plays 2, and after Black 3 the next diagram.

Intermediate level: Wrong Answer (Continued)

White kills Black with the moves to 8.

B7: connects at W4

Intermediate level: Wrong Answer 2

Black 1 is also wrong. White plays 2 to 4. Black dies.

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