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(No. 109: May 25, 1998)

Elementary level: Answer

Black 1 is the vital point.
After White 2, Black 3 gets a Ko.

Elementary level: Reference Diagram

If White 2, Black lives with 3.

Elementary level: Wrong Answer 1

Black 1 allows White to play on the vital point 2.
After Black 3, White 4 kills Black in a five-point Nakate.

Elementary level: Wrong Answer 2

Black 1 also fails. White 2 creates
a five-point Nakate to kill Black.

Intermediate level: Answer

Black 1, sacrificing a stone, is crucial
to make White short of liberties. After Black 3,
White cannot do anything and dies.

Intermediate level: Variation

If White 2, Black 3 kills White.

Intermediate level: Wrong Answer

Black 1 allows White to get a Ko with 2.

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