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Groupmax provides a linkage facility for Lotus Notes for customers who use Lotus Notes.
You can use the user interface of Lotus Notes for operations such as making, judging or approving work-items. You also can define a workflow visually and achieve detailed control of a workflow.

Linkage of Groupmax Workflow and Lotus Notes
A user creates a workflow work-item in the Lotus Notes database and then enters the work-item into the Groupmax Workflow by performing a work-item entry action from the workflow document. Groupmax Workflow controls the workflow of the entered work-item.
Groupmax Workflow for Lotus Notes monitors the status of the work-items in the workflow and reflects the results in the Lotus Notes database.
As a result, the next step's user can process the work-item in Lotus Notes.

Notice of work-item arrival by mail
When a workflow work-item arrives for a user, Lotus Notes notifies the corresponding user of the arrival of the work-item. The user need not reference Lotus Notes to check whether the work-item has arrived.

Starting a workflow work-item document from the list of received mail in Lotus Notes
You can activate a workflow work-item directly by double-clicking the corresponding mail in the list of received mail in Lotus Notes. The following example shows an order form (work-item) opened from the Lotus Notes mail.
notes work-item

[Development of the workflow system]
Define workflows
You can use Groupmax Workflow Definer for Lotus Notes to define business processes or roles in the same way as you would use regular Groupmax Workflow. You can use Workflow Simulator to check the workflow definition.
You must define the users in Groupmax Address in the same way as for a regular Groupmax Workflow.

Create applications to process work-items
You can use Lotus Notes to create applications for processing work-items.
Groupmax Workflow Client-Library provides OLE automation to enable you to use Lotus Notes to perform Groupmax Workflow work-item operations.

Define users
You must define all the Lotus Notes users who work on a workflow as Groupmax users.

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