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In Groupmax Version 3, the easy-to-use agent facilities have been extended and agents have been provided which substitute for the processes of Workflow, Mail and Document Manager. These agents run in the server, thus they can also run even if a client PC isn't running.
These facilities are supported as an optional product called Groupmax Agent - Application Version 3.

Server agent reduces the work of the system administrator

The server agent monitors the Workflow role tray and watches for workflow work-items arriving from senders registered in batches. It deletes form-based documents according to preset conditions and general documents regularly.
The server agent enables a system administrator to set up environments in batches and to constitute the same environment within a division. Therefore, individual users do not have to set up environments for themselves.

Mail agent substitutes the defined process of forwarding and replying

The Mail agent replies the absent notification if mail arrives from other sections during one's absent. It forwards to an appropriate project staff member any mail which includes a specific character string in the subject line.

ready-made agents

Cooperates with other systems such as Lotus Notes

The Workflow agent provides e-mail sending facilities. Users of other systems, such as Notes client, which can receive e-mail, can also receive work-item arrival and warning notifications because the Workflow agent notifies users by e-mail when work-items arrive and also warns them as they approach the timelimit for processing a work-item.

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