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In general, we take countermeasures against viruses in all end systems and in all PCs, that input/output data. Moreover, we can strengthen your virus protection by checking the server machine where data is concentrated.

However, general virus checking products cannot be used to cover servers where groupware is installed, since most of these servers store and manage data in specific ways. So, system managers have been waiting for the development of virus checking support designed for groupware systems.

Specifically designed to be used on servers, the virus detection option Groupmax Server - Scan Version 3 detects infected email and bulletin boards on Mail Servers in cooperation with the virus checking engines of expert anti-virus vendors. (It is also designed to deal with the year 2000 problem.)

Groupmax Server - Scan

System configuration

Groupmax Server - Scan and a virus checking engine are installed on each Mail Server machine in a Groupmax Mail system to detect computer viruses in each server.
In a multi-server configuration, Groupmax Server - Scan and a virus checking engine must be installed on all servers.

Groupmax Server - Scan Mail flow

Applicable environment

Applicable operating systems are Windows NT Server 3.51 or 4.0 and HP-UX 10.10 or 10.20.
Note that HP-UX 11.0 and HI-UX/WE2 are not supported.

Applicable operating systems for Groupmax Server - Scan
Applicable OS for Groupmax Version 3
Release date
Windows NT Server 3.51 (Service Pack 5 or later version) August 1998
Windows NT Server 4.0 (Service Pack 3 or later version) August 1998
HP-UX 10.10 or 10.20 October 1998

Prerequisite Mail Server
If you use Groupmax Mail Server 03-00 or an earlier version, you must upgrade the Groupmax Mail Server to 03-10 or a later version.

Applicable virus checking engine
Company name
Product Name
Information-provided URL(as of August 1998)
Trend Micro, Inc. InterScan for Groupmax* http://www.trendmicro.co.jp/

To check for viruses, you need to purchase the above virus checking engine as a prerequisite program for Groupmax Server - Scan.

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