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Are you confronted by these problems?
  • Need to effectively build a groupware system
  • Need to use groupware to improve work
  • Need to master use of Groupmax
  • Need to better apply Groupmax
  • Need support from experts
If you are intrested in groupware and are involved in business process reengineering, Hitachi offers high-quality, total solution services via the integrated groupware system Groupmax.
Needs for Solutions Services

Groupmax Solutions

Above all, you need to select a relible partner to help solve your problems. Hitachi has the unique expertise to offer solutions that will satisfy your needs.

As the Internet and intranets have become widespread, the information systems needed by companies have also changed. With these changes, various kinds of problems might occur depending on your business and needs. With a wealth of expertise in development of core business applications, Hitachi will listen, consult with you, and offer the best solutions utilizing the advanced groupware system Groupmax.

Groupmax, a key element in solutions, is advanced integrated groupware that includes e-mail, workflow software and enhanced use in the Internet and intranets.

Groupmax offers a "global network computing" environment and enables companies to use information anywhere in the world by linking to groupware, workflow software, legacy systems, informaion systems and the Internet. Using the solution services supported by this advanced groupware can bring major benefits to your organization.

To install Groupmax
Business consultations to effectively install and use Groupmax.

To build systems
Technical consultations for designing a system that will suit your business.

To use Groupmax
Tutorial services for operating and managing Groupmax.

To apply Groupmax
Services to apply Groupmax such as development of applications that satisfy your needs, and enable linkage with the Internet.

To operate Groupmax
Support services by experts to match your system operation.

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