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This section answers some frequently asked questions about Groupmax. Click the icon on the left of a question to display the answer.
We hope it will help those who are thinking of using Groupmax.

faq1.How can I use Groupmax applications?

faq2.Can I separately buy the software for individual features?

faq3.Groupmax V2 client sets are offered in units of licensed users for servers. Are separate license agreements required for multiple servers?

faq4.How is the license price determined if I use clients only from Web browsers?

faq5.I already have Groupmax V1. To upgrade to V2, do I need to buy V2?

faq6.Does Hitachi have volume discounts?

faq7.How is Groupmax V2 offered?

faq8.What kind of companies have installed Groupmax (features/number)?

faq9.What are the superior points of Groupmax V2?

faq10.What is meant by "linkage between data warehouses and Groupmax"?

faq11.What's the relation to the product PDMACE, Hitachi's integrated system for engineering information?

faq12.What's the relation to the product TEAMSTAR, the image processing and workflow system?

faq13.Can my secretary manage my mail while I am on a long vacation?

faq14.Can I specify the date on which mail should be delivered (as you can in some commercial delivery services)?

faq15.What kinds of attributes can be added to mail, and is it possible to display received mail based on the attributes?

faq16.Can I easily send or receive mail when I am out of the office?

faq17.Can I work via the Internet?

faq18.Can Groupmax Mail work with mail on other systems or different types of systems?

faq19.What kind of product is Groupmax Voice?

faq20.Can I use Groupmax Voice to send mail without a personal computer?

faq21.If I am operating someone else's computer (for example, on a business trip) and my my ID and password are not registered for that computer, can I still see my INBOX mail on Integrated Desktop?

faq22.How can I delete a file related to an icon that was deleted from an Integrated Desktop window?

faq23.How can I manage documents conveniently using Document Manager?

faq24.Is it easy to search for information?

faq25.How can I develop forms for use in the Internet or for use with dedicated clients?

faq26.Can I reference a World Wide Web page directly from a file attached to e-mail?

faq27.How can I send e-mail from a homepage to a Groupmax e-mail system?

New faq28.I use Groupmax Mail and Address on Windows NT.
Can I change the domain name of Windows NT as I like?

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