HITACHI SR8000 Series Super Technical Server

As high performance computers have been developed, they have found increasing application in many diverse scientific and engineering areas. These include structural analysis, fluid dynamics and weather prediction, along with environmental modelling, materials development, molecular design, life science, oil exploration, image processing, medical analysis and aerospace industry.

These application areas require large numerical simulations to be carried out in a short time. This often calls for performance beyond that available from either traditional vector supercomputers or parallel computers.

To meet these needs, Hitachi has developed the SR8000 Series, or Super Technical Server, as the successor to both their vector supercomputer S-3000 and parallel computer SR2201.



Key Features

Technology that opens the door to a new era of scientific and engineering computation.

Scalable from 32 GFLOPS to 7.3 TFLOPS.

Flexible operation and system configuration for an efficient, open environment.

Software that realizes the maximum exploitation of the capabilities of the Super Technical Server.

Hardware Specification

Software Specification

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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