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HITACHI SR11000 Series Super Technical Server


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 A new generation technical server that extends the horizon for scientific and engineering calculations.
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 Ever increasing demand for scientific and engineering calculations such as fluid dynamics, crash analysis and weather forecasting leads to expectations of ever faster technical server machines.
 To meet this demand, Hitachi has developed the "Super Technical Server SR11000 model J1". The "SR11000 model J1" is a high-speed technical parallel computer with excellent system balance and high effective performance achieved by combining TFLOPS*1-class computation power with a high-performance inter-node network. Its theoretical peak performance is world class at 62.2TFLOPS. The "SR11000 model J1" meets the growing demand for large-scale scientific and engineering calculation.
*1 : 1TFLOPS is an ability to execute one trillion floating-point arithmetic operations per second.

HITACHI SR11000 model J1 32-node model
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SR11000 Series




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