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CyberGovernment Square


Next-generation smart city

[photo]:Next-generation smart city

The Hitachi Group is actively working to realize a next-generation city while offering its visions.
CyberGovernment Square presents Hitachi's initiatives for realizing a next-generation city that takes the needs of the global environment into consideration.
  • [Video] Smart-city management infrastructure
  • Case Study

Smart office

[photo]:Smart office

Ensuring the safety and comfort of office life, that is Hitachi's concept for "smart offices".
CyberGovernment Square displays the Hitachi Group's IT, which helps create a specific environment for "smart offices".
  • [Video] Smarter communication with Hitachi's IT
  • Finger Vein Authentication
  • Interactive Whiteboard -StarBoard-

Smart life

[photo]:Smart life

Experience "monozukuri" craftsmanship the Hitachi Group has cultivated over the years.
CyberGovernment Square is a showcase of Hitachi's diverse technologies from those that are readily useful now to next-generation technologies that enable us to imagine future lifestyles.
  • Digital Pen Solution
  • Web Accessibility Solution

Global availability

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Business relationships

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